Please HELP! Could anybody tell me the name of this bag that VB is carrying

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  1. I love, love this bag! Would you know the name of this bag? Can we still find it? If so, for about how much would it be? Any info would be much appreciated.

  2. I think this is the hidden logo patent flap? I've seen several in stores but that was 2 years ago. I think your best bet would be ebay now. (The hidden logo refers to the CCs that are stitched on the back..) I hope someone can else chime in with more information!
  3. Thanks for your help! Ebay? ahh!!! I don't think I can buy any Chanel on Ebay...I'm too scared to be scammed...

    Anyone else have more info, please?

  4. don't worry, the girls at the athentication forum would help you know if it's the real deal.
  5. It's definitely a few years old. Out about the same time the luxury ligne was introduced - so around 2006. Completely sold out at boutiques I'm afraid.
  6. Yeah, I recall seeing that exact bag at Bloomies Chanel back in early I'm afraid that was a long time ago. But there are other (and I think better) versions of the patent flap currently available.
  7. Thanks everyone. foxycleopatra could you let me know what other styles you are referring to? I have no clue, I am super new to Chanel. I have been looking at tons of threads since yesterday and my eyes are burning now.

  8. Ohh Wow!!! You are so efficient! This is super tempting. The only thing is I never bought used stuffs before. But I guess if this bag is an old style, I will probably have a hard time finding it NWT!!!

    Another question. Do you know if this bag was released in different sizes? The description from this seller says wide 9 3/4" which seems small compare to the bag on VB.
    Sorry for all the questions.
  9. I'd say it's the same size, but not 100% sure. VB is a pretty tiny lady, so I bet the bag looks big by comparison.....that and the angle that the photo was taken at.