Please help! color transfer on my Louis Vuitton damier azur

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  1. Hello,

    I dreamt about this bag almost all my life and I bought it last year from dubai. I wear it like 4-5 times and then the winter came. I put it in her fabric bag, with white paper inside and today I wanted to wear it but some red stain are on it and I believe is color transfer from the shoulder strap. I feel I’m gonna go crazy if I cannot find a solution to clean it. Please advise me what to do!

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  2. Have you tried a baby wipe? I use oil-free baby wipes on my Eva and it still looks new-ish.
  3. Eekk [emoji53] when I store my NF’s I store with straps up or straps tucked into the bag. I’ve never seen the glazing rub off onto the bag like that [emoji848]. If the alcohol free baby wipes don’t work I’m not sure what you could use. Some people try a magic eraser but it may spread. I’m so sorry this happened to your bag [emoji52]
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  4. that really sucks. :wtf:
  5. I would try an alcohol free baby wipe. If that doesn’t work, I would send it to Malibu purse rehab, they are amazing.
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  6. Yikes! Good thing I came across this post..had my pa straps detached inside the dustbag stored against the da canvas...didn't know glazing can do that! You can try to take it into LV...I was told they repair color transfers when I asked questions about azur. But if that doesn't work there are videos on youtube on how to wipe off color transfers
  7. I suggest using a professional service as well. Try simple water wipes without alcohol but if it isn’t helping use a professional service.
  8. I’m curious also on how to remove. I got color transfer on my Favorite tonight and I’m in tears. IMG_0004.JPG
  9. How about bring it in to LV and see what they will say?
  10. I already tried with local LV in Romania. It was my very first action. She just tried to convince me it’s not from the shoulder strap and basically is not their fault. She said will try to find information on how I can remove the stain. I’m still waiting. Meanwhile I tried with this solution from Michael Kors and it’s a little bit better ( pictures attached), but is still there. If I’ll get information from LV I will tell you the updates I have

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  11. Try ink remover like Amodex.
  12. In your case is it from the same shoulder strap? Because the color looks similar
  13. No it’s from a hot pink shirt
  14. I'm really sorry this happened to you. I didn't know that glazing could cause this; is there any possibility that it rubbed against something else before you put it away? Either way, it's a bummer and I've been there. What helped me was baby wipes and the Magic Eraser. Caveat for the Magic Eraser: it can remove the print. So go carefully in tiny, tiny sections. My transfer was blue (denim!) but I managed to get most of it off this way. GL!
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  15. I have read that neutrogena makeup wipes (blue package) is good. Test it out in a small area first- I haven’t tried it myself.
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