1. My sister and I just got bit by the Coco Cabas bag. Can someone, anyone please help us find one? We don't care what color or material, we just want one --- not from eBay. =)

    I really really want one of the Vinyl ones, but I heard they are sold out?

    Please help us! Thanks!
  2. the white one is prob the easiest to get. A couple of weeks ago Saks Denver has one. Also, if I am not mistaken, chanel in Hawaii reorders whites and blacks (but there are a long list for the blacks. I know this because I tried to get on the list. heheheh)
  3. Thanks for your help! =) P.S. I hate UPS too! lol
  4. I just purchased the large vinyl from Neimans last week and I have decided to return it and wait for a grey bag. Let me know if you want to contact my SA.
  5. CHANEL at the Mall of America will be receiving 10 Coco Cabas in denim for the Spring/Summer07 collection.
  6. ^ do you know if the denim Cabas is made like the original (no quilting) or like the baby cabas? Any pics you can share?
  7. I am having no luck finding one... do any of you wonderful ladies have any more suggestion? =)
  8. I would put my name on as many wait lists as possible. I put mine on 20(saks, neiman, Nordstrom) and got the vinyl one two weeks after i did so from the White Plains(NY) Neimans. I was last on that list and i got one so it might be worth a try there! Good luck! if I get any calls from the other 19 lists im on I will definetly have them hold it and post it on here!
  9. Thanks fashionista621! I've put my name on 4 lists now. I will keep on calling everyone then, thanks!
  10. Try Ebay! Seriously. You can go about it in a safe way. Tell the seller you want to speak with the SA who sold it to her. YOu can't go wrong that way. You call the SA and tell her the name of the client and the seriel number. It's just as good as buying from a boutique. You will pay more though-- the bags cannot be found anywhere else but ebay right now.