please help! closing paypal account to avoid chargeback

  1. i'm going to write in general terms because i never know who will read this. (ie, maybe the buyer who will cause the trouble.)

    i am currently in a situation with a buyer who bought an item from me. the item was in perfect working condition when i sent it... but she broke it by installing the wrong software. (she stated that she installed several different product software in an email.) i will not refund her money due to her mistake, however, i'm afraid she will chargeback on paypal to get her money back.

    my question is, can i cancel my paypal account before she does this inorder to prevent her from taking my money she does not deserve? will paypal come after me regardless? thank you!!
  2. I would close the account. I'm assuming you already moved the money out of paypal?
    I had a chargeback from a foreign buyer of a purse, who kept the purse and the money. I got the money out, the did a chargeback so I have a huge negative balance. I wish I had closed the account completely between emptying it and getting a negative.

    go to and read up