Please Help, Choosing Colors For My 3rd Kelly

Jun 29, 2009
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Dear All,

I need your expert advice on choosing color for my 3rd kelly bag. I currently have K35 etoupe shw in togo leather and K32 rouge H ghw in clemence, I have my eye on K35 graphite shw in clemence, but I have doubt the color will be too similar with the etoupe? What do you think? or should I go with totally different color like gold?
Does anybody have birkin or kelly pics of etoupe and graphite color side by side for me to see? Thank you in advance, really appreciate your input :smile:


Sep 10, 2006
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I find etoupe more a brown-based grey, than actually grey-grey.

But it is a little too close to graphite, I would think, especially for the same bag. IMO, gold would be a better bet! :P


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Aug 29, 2006
gold is another great neutral to add to your palette, then my vote goes to ebene which works well both with brown and black


Apr 17, 2010
Another vote for gold!Anyway I have to say that I really appreciate graphite..:flowers:
Jun 29, 2009
Far Far Away Kingdom
thank you everybody, though I agree with all of you.. gold is a little harder for my SA to find for me :sad: she told me they'll be having a K35 graphite soon, i'm thinking to just go ahead and purchase it rather than wait for the K35 gold... but scared of buyer remorse,, sigh


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Jan 31, 2009
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Actually, I love both, Graphite and Gold. Maybe a Gold would be a better addition to your collection for some more variation.
Go for the color that you like the most, don't buy a bag just because it's available. Maybe you can go to the store first to check out the Graphite to see if you like it? Good luck with your decision :smile:!


Jan 17, 2009
i belive they are in the same scheme if this is your question well even though one is more a brownish grey. they are both grey. but if a deeper shade is what you are looking for how about one of the deep blues like thalassa or brighton or abysse because they are darkish elegant like graphite but this has a totally different feel than etoupe. or maybe something like raisisn or prune if it is still available ?????? see thing is that my sisiter is a color scheme or hue follower she has 3 parchemins a pousssiere a rose dragge a gris t they all seem to be in the same base, i am a bit more of a changer strong pinks call to me but i have fushia and bouganvillier the rest of my colors are very different from each other and i think its better , and just as an idea put yourself to the test and pair all of those things you think you would wear with graphite and pair it up with your etoupe if you feel it works then you do not need the graphite .hope it helps best .birkel.
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Oct 6, 2007
I think etoupe and gold are very different neutrals. Etoupe in togo is more brown/gray, like pyrexia said. I think graphite in regular leather is a brown/gray too. (In ostrich it is a truer gray). Even though it would be a deeper color than etoupe, you may be able to wear it with all the same color clothing that you would wear etoupe with. Birkel made a good suggestion to match up all your outfits and see if both etoupe and graphite would pair well. If so, then I agree that you don't need it. I have both etoupe and alezan (a rich "peanut butter" color similar to gold) and find that often one looks better than the other with certain outfits.


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Feb 12, 2010
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To answer your question about Etoupe being too similar to Graphite color ... Graphite is a very dark color. Almost like a combo of Ebene/ Black / dark Grey and It's a very versatile color.