Please help!! - choosing a gift for my dad..


Which one should I get??

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm doing my Christmas shopping tomorrow after school..I've decided to get my dad a Louis Vuitton tie. Or a Gucci one but I can't can you please vote for which one I should get? Or tell me another one that may be nicer =P I hope posting this in here wouldn't make it too biased hahah.

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  2. I voted for #2. Which ever ones you get I'm sure your dad will love it!
  3. I love #1 great color combo and pattern. Such a sweet gift idea, be sure to let us know what you decide. I know you were concerned about bias here and I must say that they Gucci ties are nice but #s 3 &4 were too busy for me and #5 just screams logo, so I must say that I made an unbiased choice for you! LOL!
  4. I like the blue LV ... so vivid!
  5. I like the look of the second one... maybe I should get one too.. :hrmm:
  6. Honestly, i like the last one best...
  7. I like the 1st one the best. I think the colors there are versatile.
  8. #1 or #2
  9. 4! I don't like monogram on guys...
  10. I like no.1 and I think most guys like no.1 too
  11. If I were buying one for my DH (he's 50), I would pick the first one. It looks like it would be a flattering colour for most guys and easy to co-ordinate.
  12. Out of these, #1 gets my pick, but you may want to cross over to Hermes.
  13. i voted for #1, but i'm not so crazy about the monogram ties. i think a more modest designer tie (one that lacks all the the G's, C's, LV's) would be the way to go, unless your dad prefers mono clothing. they are all lovely ties, i'm just giving you mho. i'm sure that whatever you choose your dad will love. cheers!
  14. Thanks everyone for voting! ;)

    It's funny because I asked on another website and people liked the black Gucci one the most & the LV ones the least hahah. I was originally leaning towards the blue LV one anyways. So I'm glad you guys think it's nice at least..
  15. yea I understand what you're saying..I wanted to get an Hermes one at first with no monogram (the one with those cute pictures heheh) but then I realized he already had a lot of those so I wanted to get him at least one mono :p