Please Help Choose - White Jumbo Flap or Black Cert Tote


White Jumbo Flap or Black Cert Tote

  1. White Jumbo Caviar Flap

  2. Black Cert Tote

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  1. Ladies,

    I have been thinking about these two bags for a while and would like to get one for the upcoming Saks EGC event. The white jumbo flap is such a gorgeous bag, but I am concerned with taking care of the light color. I take care of my bags, but do not want to pay extra attention to distract from enjoying using it. The black cerf tote is such an understated bag which I might be able to use it for work. Which one should I go for?

    What I already have are: black medium flap, DS reissue in 226, red jumbo flap, and beige GST.

    I really appreciate your opinion!
  2. U have a great collection here...if i were to choose, it will be the white caviar jumbo.
  3. vote for white jumbo! that bag is so gorgeous and also it looks young IMO..just like you, i'm concerned about light color bags..since I have bad exp with my LV&Gucci bags..but I finally conquer my fear and about to purchase once again.. viva white jumbo
  4. They are both great classic bags, but I give the edge to the White Caviar Jumbo. This style looks so sharp in this color and leather. I love it!
  5. White Jumbo!
  6. only vote for black cert tote so far....
    I love both, but as you got 3 flaps already, why not go for a different style??
  7. White Jumbo. :graucho:
  8. White jumbo, definitely. I had a cerf and I loved it, but nothing compares to a jumbo caviar flap.
  9. I'd get the white's caviar, so it shouldn't be too hard to clean!