Please help choose new wallet

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  1. I also posted this on the Chanel forum. This weekend is tax free weekend in MA and I would like a longer wallet that is sleek but still holds alot. My picks are:
    chanel zippy wallet-
    lv zippy wallet in damier or epi
    lv suhali zippy wallet-
    lv suhali le favori wallet

    I would love to hear from owners of these wallets. Thanks
  2. Please help me choose a wallet. thanks
  3. I'm a biiig fan of Suhali, so my vote goes towards the Suhali Zippy wallet. :tup: It's such a classy and low class wallet.
  4. Either one of the Suhali's are great!

    I would love to have both someday!
  5. Tax-free weekend? How come we don't get that here? :crybaby:

    Definitely the Suhali zippy. White looks sooo elegant!
  6. Damier zippy wallet!
  7. Damier and Suhali are gorgeous!