Please help choose my first Bal :)

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  1. I'm usually in the Mulberry forum, but after looking at all your beautiful bags I have decided I'd like to buy my first Bal this year.

    I hope to buy preloved, in good condition, but would also consider new if there was a bag I really loved.

    I'm 6"6 (1.70) and UK size 12/14, and like medium to big, casual bags in general. My wardrobe is casual, even for work.

    I'm thinking about focussing my search on the City or Part-Time. Is this what you would recommend? I don't want anything smaller than the Mulberry regular alexa size.

    In terms of colours, I'm thinking of maybe a red (since I don't have any red bags), but is it correct that there are no new reds for sale this year? The other day I saw someone with a stunning blue Bal with giant RGHW, but no idea if these are still available anywhere.

    I'm open to all suggestions, ladies, so what are your favourite bal styles / colours / stud size if you could only have 1 Bal?

    Also if you could please point me to threads with authentic online sellers in Europe (new or preloved) I'd be very grateful! Many thanks.
  2. You can view all past colors below but be prepared. There are so many beautiful colors that finding your perfect Bal can be addicting.

    I love blues. Just in blues, I have 15 bags and they are all so different and beautiful, so I'm a bit partial to blue.

    As for size, I love the Work size, but it's big. City is the most popular but I found it too small for what I carry on a day to day basis. Good Luck.
  3. Thank you for the link! I can see it's going to be fun choosing the right style and colour ;)

    The work is too big for me, plus I love a shoulder strap to be hands free... Any idea how the city size compares to the Mulberry Alexa?

    I came across a Rouge Cardinal (new) which looks like a lovely red. It's a city with giant gold HW.
    Is that the one in your pic?

    Do the reds generally have fading issues?

    This would be my most expensive bag, so I hope to get years of use out of it and not have to baby it too much.
  4. I used to own a regular Alexa and this size probably compares best to the City. The City is more convenient that the Alexa IMO because it doesn't have the flap. The strap is a lot shorter though if that's important. The Part Time is a great size but a lot of the ladies do not like the east west dimensions
  5. Thank you for your input! I passed by the only store that sells Bals in my city and fell in love with the leather... surprisingly, I was most drawn to an anthracite city with regular, gunmetal-coloured hardware.

    The size was a little smaller than I expected, however. Is the part-time much roomier, or are there other models I should consider? The city would do, but a little larger would suit me better.

    What I was really disappointed by was the strap! :nogood: For some reason I had expected a longer, Alexa-length strap. I like my bags to hang much lower, i.e. on my hip.

    Do other models have longer shoulder straps? How about the part-time?

    Thanks again for your kind help!
  6. I've never owned a Mulberry or own any red Bals so I'm not much help there. Sorry. Red just isn't my color.

    The bag in the picture is actually Cycleman, a bright pink bag with Giant Silver Hardware. It's probably the closet I have to red and I've had it for over two years with no fading issues and I use it a lot compared to my other bags, plus, as you can see, my baby likes to play with my purses, so they take some roughness.

    The Bals are tough and meant to last. Totally worth the investment. I've never regretted the money I've spent on them.
  7. Your bag is stunning - as is your baby :smile:

    I had a play with some City bals today (only style available in the shops near me) and fell in love with the look and the leather... the only problem is I found the strap much shorter than I was hoping for.

    Do you know if the part-time (or another style) has a significantly longer strap?

    Thanks again for your help.
  8. Thank you for the compliments. :biggrin: My Cycleman is one of my favorite bags but I love pink. I my baby, she's ok. Just kidding. We love her too. That's why she's allowed to touch my bags.

    I don't think the parttime strap is much longer but the Velo I think is, although I've never wore one before, and I know for sure the Pompon strap is crossbody, but that style is harder to find and bigger than what you probably like. The Velo might be perfect for you though. Check it out.
  9. "My Cycleman is one of my favorite bags but I love pink. I my baby, she's ok. Just kidding. We love her too. That's why she's allowed to touch my bags."


    Thanks again for your help. Will check out the velo but some threads I've been seeing do mention the PT strap being longer. So the search for my perfect first Bal continues (which is half the fun)!

    I saw a lovely gris poive PT with mini rose gold hardware on one of the threads... do you think that sounds like a nice combo?
  10. I have a few of the bags, but am only 5'0" so I tend to run into some of the opposite issues (straps too long, etc).

    But I wouldn't go any smaller than a City - and even then I might avoid that if I were you. If you like medium to big bags - the city doesn't look as good stuffed as it does squishy. When I carry my "heavy-normal" neccessities my City can look filled to the brim, it's just not as cute.

    I *love* my Part-Time. It is almost too big for me, but it really is a great in-between for those who love the style of the City but it is too small. If the Work is too big for you, consider the Part-Time.

    The Velo may be a good option for you as well - bigger than the City and a nice long cross-body strap.

    I've never had a Velo though - the strap would be way too long on me, even for crossbody.
  11. In regards to the Part-Time strap. The handles may be a bit similar, but the second strap is significantly longer on the Velo.

    I have the Part-Time and I had to add a couple of extensions to make it look good crossbody on my 5'0" frame. The Velo would engulf me with that second strap.

    I have a Pompon coming in the mail soon - don't know how that strap compares or will fit. If you are still looking for options when I get it - I'll post some photos =)
  12. Hi! Sounds to me that Part Time will be suitable for you, since it looks pretty much like the City, but much roomier. It also has a longer strap (though not significantly longer), such that I can carry it crossbody (with the bag at my waist level).

    The Velo is definitely the most roomy among the 3, and has a significantly longer strap, but I find that it is too long. It hits my mid thigh when I try to carry it crossbody, so I never do that. Also, the shape is squarish, and not the "classic" Balenciaga look.
  13. Thank you SO much for your help! I'm currently leaning towards the PT in a "work-horse" colour like gris poivre, since I don't have any grey bags. Although red would be amazing too... Decisions decisions! (The Velo I think would be a little too big - size wise the PT seems just perfect for me).

    2 quick questions if you still have the patience:

    1 - are the handles of the PT longer than the City? What I mean is, is it easier to wear over the shoulder by both handles?

    2. how much further down on your waist does your PT hang with the shoulder strap than your city? The City I tried on today was under my elbow - the strap was much too short for me :sad:

    I don't really wear cross body (since I'm a little *ahem* advantaged in the bust area, shall we say), but would love to wear my Bal with just the shoulder strap (not handles). If you could possibly take a pic comparing your City and your PT just hanging by the shoulder strap on one shoulder, so I can compare the two, that would be amazing!

    thank you again!
  14. Gris Poive with mRGGH would be a great combo. If you have a chance to get it and you're looking for a great neutral that would be a great start. The combo is beautiful.