Please Help choose, Mini Caviar or Lambskin???


Jan 8, 2010
Hi guys...

I am still new to Chanel so I need your help in choosing which mini to get, a caviar or lambskin??? Hubby just bought me a medium lambskin classic flap SHW recently... I am going to get a caviar GST later next month, and I would like to get a mini as my third bag.

I just can't decide between the caviar or the lambskin mini, can you guys please help me and if you could give me the pros and cons of them that would be much appreciated...

Thanking you...



Mar 14, 2010
well the Lambskin is classic and soft but it is delicate whereas the caviar is bumpier but is more durable so i think it depends on you. If you think that you might not use it as carefully then caviar, but personally Lambskin is gorgeous. Good Luck on choosing.
Oct 15, 2009
dear Lily
i think its ok to look after lambskin leather on a small bag like Mini flap
why dont you go for Red, blue or fushia lambskin? its such a fun bag
(then u will have 2 balck chanel and a color one^^