Please help choose a Grey bag?

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  1. I have been looking for a smallest grey bag. I came down to two now but if you have any other suggestion, I would love to see. The first one is the HaydenHarnett Lorca. Does anyone have this bag or anyother HH bag in this grey. It's hard to make out the real colour on thier website. It kind of looks like a light bluish grey. If you have a HH grey bag, could you please show me its real life colour?:confused1:

    The second one is the Be&D Garbo Chain in grey. I love how soft the bag and the leather look. This bag is a lot more than the HH one but it looks classier and more long lasting in terms of style. What do you think? Does anyone have this bag?

    Please give me some advise? Either :tup: or :tdown:?:p

    Grey Lorca.jpg
  2. There you go, this is the grey Be&D Garbo chain. Your opinion is welcome! Thanks.

  3. I think the HH looks more classic and versatile but I really like the kick that the Be&D purse has to it!
  4. I've seen the new grey Lorca IRL. There are definitely some blue undertones to it. It's really beautiful though. The leather is soooo soft!
  5. [​IMG]

    I just got this bag in another color and I'm telling you the leather is so soft and yummy. you will love this bag, and it holds a TON!

  6. it looks beautiful, where can i find it?
  7. Bagfetish,

    You have to show off your new bag and model for us. I would love to see how much it could fit too. Congrats!

  8. I really like them both, my only concern with the Be&D bag is I don't think that the chain would be very comfortable.
  9. HH :tup:
  10. hh! love their bags!
  11. hh all the way!!
  12. You can't beat RM, they are bigger bags though! I love my Morning After Bag! Maybe a MAM?
  13. I vote for the HH. I just bought this bag in eggplant yesterday and it is so yummy. The leather is wonderful and it's the perfect size. I saw another HH grey bag and I agree that the shade has some bluish/cool undertones. It's very pretty, in my opinion.
  14. i looove the grey chloe paddington..