Please help, Chloe Betty small or chain Betty

  1. I just can't make up my mind on which bag to keep. I bought a small betty last week, but now I am not sure whether I should keep it or exchange it for chain betty :confused1: Any suggestions? Since my chloe is at home and I am so impatient :p and can't wait till next week when I get back from school, I uploaded the pics I found on the web, my small betty looks just like the one in the pic. Thanks a bunch;)
    chain betty.jpg small chloe betty.JPG
  2. Honey - I don't know what to tell you?! i LOVE LOVE LOVE my chain Betty but I also see how beautiful the small one is as well. It should be whatever your heart desires and not what WE say!
  3. I say go with the small bag, only because I like the symmetry of the two front pockets vs. the one large front pocket on the chain version.
  4. well, before I looked at your pictures, my immediate thought was, go with the small betty BUT

    you look incredible wearing that bag, you really do, so I am not so sure you should swop now :biggrin:
  5. I have a brown patent chain betty and I love it.
  6. Thank you so much, you are so sweet and I really appreciate your help on this one. I think I will probably go with the chain one, it is also bigger, which is another plus. So thank you sooooo much!!!
  7. Thanks so much guys for all your help!!! :yes: I too love the symmetry of the pockets on the small betty, but it might just be too small and the chain one is a lot more roomy. Thanks so much guys ;)
  8. Sounds like you've made up your mind - but I'm another vote for the chain Betty! I have it in chocolate patent, and it is roomy without being monstrously huge, chic and cool, and I had a woman in Seattle shout "Fabulous bag!" at me while carrying it. If that isn't a rousing endorsement, I don't know what is!
  9. I agree that the chain Betty is the way to go. I had both in my hands and the small one seemed a little too small and I had difficulties keeping both shoulder straps on my shoulder. The chain Betty looks awesome on you!!
  10. Cheapmommy, you are so right! That's exactly how I am with my small betty, so hard to keep both straps on. Thanks a lot guys:yes:
  11. The color is gorgeous....I was drawn to that one at NM.....stunning....I like the chain on looks great....
  12. That chain betty looks great on you!!!
  13. Love the chain Betty, I wish I could find one :sad:
  14. It looks so pretty :smile:!