Please help... Chartreuse or Vert Anis?

  1. Hello.... me and my friend can't tell which is which. You're seeing a 30 & a 35. Need help from fellow H lovers in this forum.

    Thanks in advance :cutesy:,
    Green Birkins.jpg
  2. the one on the right is chartreuse and on the left is vert anis
    i just bought chartreuse two weeks ago. it is a beautiful color.
  3. I have a chartreuse JPG, it has tonal stitching...and has a brown undertone. It's a great neutral.
  4. Funnily enough the vert anis I had until recently featured a brown undertone and brown stitching.

    BTW Golden's Mom, what darling doggies! I also have two goldens :love:
  5. Love that photo. I love chartreuse, looks beautiful in clemence with PH :love:
  6. chartreuse has more yellow in it that comes out as a brown undertone (bag on the right), while anis is much more of an apple green.

    Tidbits: the color chartreuse was named because of its resemblance to the color of French liqueur with the same name. If you look at the liqueur IRL, it is a really lovely yellow-green. Most webcolor charts list chartreuse as precisely 50% yellow mixed with 50% green.
  7. It depends on the leather - vert anis has more yellow in chevre, but I agree with the first assessment - VA on the left, chartreuse on the right. They are is my favourite colour.
  8. ^^ GF, vert anis has more yellow than chartreuse in Chevre?! Thanks for letting me know.

    btw ladies, my discussion of chartreuse is meant to comment on the definition of the color in general. Not really related to H's chartreuse, which like all H colors, varies a great deal depending on the leather.
  9. Re: calling vert anis owners: does it generally come with brown stitching?
    "If I am not mistaken, vert anis comes with brown contrast stitching, whereas chartreuse comes with tone-to-tone stitching!"

    Quote Mrs S who helped me in a previous thread. I was confused. I thought I had bought a vert anis chevre, but it has more yellow in it than, say, vert anis in a togo, so I wasn't sure if I had been mistaken. It is vert anis. The stitching is contrast, but a light beige rather than brown.
  10. [​IMG][​IMG]
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  12. The previous pics were vert anis chevre. I'm trying to retrieve the chartreuse for you.
  13. [​IMG]

    Vert Anis Togo on the Left and Chartreuse Clemence on the Right.
  14. [​IMG]this is the chartreuse. Do you agree Grands Fonds?
  15. ^for sure! I have a VA chevre Bolide that has matching stitching (as in, pale green).

    TODS - give me a sec and I'll post a pic of a VA can really see the difference! BAck in a sec.....