Please Help (Chanel White Graffiti)

  1. Hello,
    I've been on the hunt for a Chanel White Graffiti bag, but their soldout in the US both through Chanel, Saks and Neiman. Does anyone have any tips?

    I finally tracked one down in Taiwan, but they refuse to ship to the U.S., is this a store policy?

    I just wanted some advice on how to get ahold of this bag, I know it's a couple of seasons old, but my girlfriend absolutely loves it.

    Thanks =D
  2. In December a boutique in Italy refused to ship me directly my bag the soloution was to get them to ship to a london boutique where i then purchased it. The sales assistant in London had to call and speak to the itallian boutique though. Try this...
  3. Not that I think you should buy it but someone on eBay listed one for way, way above cost. Perhaps you can track it and when it finally comes down to within reason. . .Do an extended eBay search and you'll find it.
  4. You found this in a Chanel boutique in Taiwan???
  5. Thanks for the help, I already asked if they could ship to the LA or Costa Mesa boutique, but for some reason they said that they have some policy against shipping it to another chanel boutique? I offered to pay with credit card and pay for shipping, taxes directly to my address. Is there a reason why Chanel is so poorly run?

    Also thanks for the tips, but Soni, I think the reason they could do that is because all those stores are "Chanel Europe". Right now I'm dealing with "Chanel Asia" and Chanel USA", which apparently are completely two different companies, or at least are strongly segregated...

    I also saw the eBay listing, but its way too overpriced and I can't verfiy authenticity with ebay either.

    Again, thanks and any help or tips would be apprecitaed.
  6. Do you have a cc with a concierge service that can purchase it in Taiwan and then courier it to you? I don't quite know if there is such a service but you can check that out.

    I don't think any of the boutiques in Asia will ship internationally. I called the Hongkong, Thailand and Japan boutiques before and they don't do it.
    Did you try if Paris has it? I think someone here managed to order over the phone from Paris and got it shipped internationally so that might be an option for you?
  7. there is a black graffiti bag on right now
  8. Thanks for the advice, no I don't have a concierge service, but I do have BMW concierge, so right now I'm trying through them. Any idea on what the biggest retailer in Paris is, also do they speak english? I can speak a bit of french to get by, but not to talk in an understanable manner.

    For those who got bags shipped for Paris, did you pay through credit card and ship to your home address or local chanel boutique?



    P.S. I know the black one is pretty findable, but I'm looking for the white one. (thanks) and are there any other purse online sites that are reputable that I can buy off of?

    Much appreciated =D
  9. there are still a couple on ebay. the prices are going down! yay. but the point is. Emma Watson (the new face of chanel) is known to be the only celebrity so far to own the bag.

    I can't find the bag anywhere else.