please help!! Chanel shearling handbag..

  1. hi
    this is my first time to open a thread, i know theres a lot of ladies are professional for knowing the brand :heart: ...can you please give me some help...i am thinking about getting this bag..

    how is it look IRL? does anybody see this before? and how much does it retail? and how years of collection does it belong...any opinion toward this bag would be also appreciate too...

    thanks a lot for helping...truly appreciate :yes:
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  2. please give me some help...thanks
  3. Hi Phoebe, Welcome. I don't know info on this bag, but will bump you up to see if any of the other girls can help
  4. I know nothing really. . . doesn't seem to be too hot of a collector's item honestly.
    I've seen it once in person and it was okay, very soft.
    It's not something I'd buy personally, too 'Ugg-ish'.
  5. Wish I could help but I haven't seen this irl. I am going to Chanel today and will try to get you the info!
  6. I saw it in Bergdorf Goodman yesterday. I didn't get a chance to look at it closely. It seemed like the SA's were one was training another one on how to put out the bags.

    I am not sure where you live, but if you are outside of New York, Neiman Marcus often carries very similar products to BG. You might want to try to give either store a call so you can go see it in person.
  7. They have it at Saks in Beachwood , Ohio . It's not my style but it's cute . I don't know the price .
  8. there is one on ebay. i saw it the other day.
  9. Seem it before,
    its not that old...I think its cute.

    They make similar bags every winter
  10. thanks for the info. really appreciate for your opinion..:P
  11. Sorry I dont have any info on the bag... but it's pretty cute! For some strange reason I am drawn to it..
  12. I like it, but I'd only use it in the wintertime. Don't know anything about it, sorry.
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they call it "classic flap in shearling " . I could be wrong . I'll call Saks tomorrow and get a price for you .
  14. thank you very much...theres NO any high-end department store near by Buffalo. :sad:
  15. Hi, I have seen this bag in a Grey Colour and it was On Sale at 50% off in Shanghai last Winter.

    I was a little surprised since Chanel Bags are seldom on Sale there. The Bag looks lovely nonetheless, a little metallic sheen for the Grey (almost like a pewter) version and it is very very soft and unstructured IRL.

    I think after sale it was around USD$1,000 - USD$1,200. After taxes.

    Hope the above helps.