Please help! Chanel Serial Number 2017

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  1. Dear ladies,

    Hopefully you can help me out!

    I am currently looking for a 2017 Chanel Medium Classic Flap. I have been informed to look for a number starting with 23...... Now, after a super long search, I found a bag which serial number starts with 23, but according to the store invoice it was bought in June 2016! On the internet I found that bags with a 23 number were produced in 2017, as a result of which I am wondering how the bag could have been bought in June 2016! Could you please advice me on this? Could this be a replica?

    Thank you so so much in advance!
  2. That is strange...I can only speak about 24 series and they are all late 2017 purchases....would get it authenticated. Where do you want to buy it?
  3. I purchased 2 classic's in 2016 and the series is 23. Purchased a maxi in 2017 and it is series 24.
  4. Thanks so much for your swift replies!