Please help!! Chanel classic lambskin wallet price??

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  1. Help me please, I'm a chanel newbie. Whats the price of Chanel classic lambskin wallet? Thinking about getting one in black. Is it a great wallet? If u have pics I like to see! Normally I use lv.
  2. Cost depends on the style. They go from $6-700 to over $1000.
  3. This style;

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  4. And it has a nice pocket in back. Does anyone know the exact price of it?
  5. Check their website, the prices are listed.
  6. I tried but it doesnt work for ipad :sad:
  7. Yes it does, I am on the ipad on the pic and a bar will come up on the side with prices & collections
  8. Flap in lambskin is 975.
  9. I purchased mine in August 2013 and it was £550 but i believe now it has gone up to £675
  10. Don't know why it doesnt work for me :sad:
  11. Oh, thank you very much!!
  12. no problem :smile:
  13. The prices are not showing for me either. Its been like this for almost a week now. I have tried all devices and browsers and nothing is showing…..:thinking:

  14. I bought a classic zipped around black quilted wallet in lambskin and it was $1150 plus tax.