Please help!! Chanel Caviar Kelly...r/o

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  1. Can anyone tell me the price on the Chanel Caviar Kelly? Is it still available in stores. If not, will it come back? I was contemplating of purchasing a used one on ebay for $1,200, what are your thoughts? Should I do it? I should probably get it authenticated on the purse forum...thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, the Caviar Kelly is $1925 and the Lambskin Kelly is $2125.
  3. And I bought my caviar kelly early 12/08 so it is still available in stores (though the caviar was harder to find than the lambskin). The style number is A29861.
  4. Does the Kelly just have one size? Thanks!
  5. The one available in stores currently is that one size...the one V. Beckham has been pictured with. There was a large size kelly but it has been discontinued. I think I've seen a couple on Ebay recently. I'll post a pic of the one I have. Let me know if you need the dimensions.
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    Chanel Caviar Kelly

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  7. Thank you! Thank you! You're the best. Can you give me the dimensions or even model the bag for us!!! Can you also provide your height:smile::yahoo:
  8. 10.5" W X 7"H X 4" D
    Shoulder drop - 3.5"

    OK - here's a pic. I'm 5'8" BTW.

    When you call Chanel, make sure you give them the style number...they don't know it by the "kelly" term (that's a tPF thing). ;)

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  9. I didn't keep this one...the caviar is nicer and more durable.

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  10. i have the lambskin and it scratches very easily. anything you can put on it for the scratches? I love the caviar, but haven't seen one in my store?
  11. LOVES IT!!!:heart:
  12. Mulberry suggest rubbing scratches with some sheepskin - I know their bags aren't lambskin but I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm?
  13. I want one.....are they available on the east coast??
  14. I bought mine from the NJ Short Hills Chanel store! Ask for Sean!! :tup:

  15. Are you serious? :wtf: