Please Help Celebrate....MY 1st KELLY Bag!

  1. Introducing pictures of my 1st KELLY BAG..... (w/ a scratch I put on the front....otherwise it was perfect!:sad: )

    I bought her with the help of some PF boardie EYEBALLs off an ebay reputable seller. Actually HUBBY got her for me!

    Hubby already got me a HAC Birkin last month and I was so happy and told him "That's all I need and want!!" Well he heard THAT line before. :rolleyes: Well, then I told him I'M looking for a Kelly bag.....I said it about 3 or 4 times in a row and only during times when he wasn't tired. Then I saw THIS on my screen one night and e-mailed for some extra eyeballs...and decided SHE"S THE ONE!!! I told hubby the next morning and asked if he wanted some airline points, b/c I would be buying a bag...."HOW MUCH?":s (I hate this type of question, but I've never hid any LARGE amounts of $$$ from him)....told him...then he went to work. After 2 hours of waiting for him to call me and speaking to the seller....he finally called and was on-line...MIND YOU HE WAS PROBABLY STILL 1/2 ASLEEP:upsidedown: A few clicks of the button, and he said ....."because I LOVE MY WIFE"....HE bought IT!!!

    later that night......I did get "THE TALK":angel: , but just nodded and listened.....He did say I need to maybe curb the DESIRE for more bags, but he didn't say I couldn't buy the accessories or stop shopping! I think it's the initial STICKER SHOCK. So here she is.....Hope you think she's as beautiful as I think she is!!

    She is an Indigo Blue Box Kelly bag 28cm with Palladium Hardware.

    Here are her pics:




    hope this works.
  2. beautiful, congrats!! wear her in good health!
  3. Gorgeous! Glad you love her!!!
  4. HG - I put a scratch on her :crybaby: already. Is there anything I can DO? I LOVE HER though and it can't be rubbed out.

    Thanks HG and Baggs - for the well wishes!
  5. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!!:yahoo:
    This is indeed cause for celebration!!! She is absolutely beautiful, and what a GREAT DH you have! Enjoy her, and take her out for a spin this weekend! I am so thrilled for you!:flowers:
  6. Congrats................ She's a BEAUTY.:yahoo:
  7. Enjoy your new bag!! As for the scratch, as I have mentioned before, use leather cream like Meltonian or Cadillac or Saphir with a soft cloth. I would polish the whole bag with it. I do this all the time and the bags look great. Just make sure that the cloth is soft. I like old flannel or old soft cotton tee shirts. You can also use the little cloths that you get at hotels in the guest pack.

    The scratch will blend in eventually. Keep rubbing!!!
  8. Thanks!

    Orchid , and HUBBY IS SPECIAL!!


    GraceKelly - Where can I buy this cream or lotion? Can I get it on ebay??:confused1: Once the scratch is there, is there a way if I don't take care of it right away that it will be embedded for good??
  9. NHL, take it into Hermes next time you're in the Hills they'll refurbish it and that'll take care of the light scratches.
  10. Congrats! Lovely bag!!! :yahoo:
  11. Beautiful! Enjoy it.

    PS -- what a sweet husband.
  12. YAY!! You got it!! And it's beautiful!! CONGRATULATIONS and wear her in good health. :smile:

    What a sweet husband indeed!
  13. NHL, what a wonderful story and what a darling husband you have! Great bag, she's a beauty! I am sure you are about to burst with pride! Wear her in good health! You're wearing her beautifully!
  14. Beautiful bag, congrats:yahoo: Awww, your DH is too sweet, good for you:heart:
  15. CONGRATS!!! she's gorgeous!! ur hubby is sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!