Please help - CB Papillon date code?

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  1. I bought a CB papillon from let-trade over a month ago and I made a post about it here asking how to clean it and whatnot. I've been busy and today I finally had a chance to sit down and clean it and, um... there's no date code!! I seriously can't find the date code anywhere on this bag, I'm trying not to freak out, especially since I don't know much about the CB line. Where is the date code supposed to be? Could it have somehow disappeared? The bag is pretty worn in. Please help, I'm really worried. Thanks!
  2. It's hard to see but CB papillons have their date code on here:
  3. Thanks so much! I kind of see the hint of outlines, but nothing I can make out. Is this normal? :\
  4. I don't know if it's against the rules to bump a thread this old(5 years, I know!!!), but I am trying to sell this now and I want to be 100% sure that it's normal for the date code to not show up. I am really examining it very closely and I cannot find it. If I were a buyer and received this bag I'd be pretty concerned(as you can see I was back when I got it lol). How normal is it to not be able to see the date code on these CB Papillons?
  5. I have an azur coin pouch and was looking for the datecode the other day... I have had it for so long that it's actually worn off quite a bit. I can still make out the lines of the datecode, but it's really hard to see. I have a CB Pap that I bought pre-lvoed and I found the datecode, but I really had to twist and turn to make out the #s on it. I could make out the BA okay, but the rest of it was a challenge. I finally saw that the datecode was BA0013 so I was happy. :smile: Can you post photos of the hardware and heatstamping...locks....front back and sides of the purse... everything?
  6. I have tons of pictures of the purse here

    I went ahead and posted in the authenticate this thread, so I'm hoping they can authenticate without the date code, I'm super nervous about it especially since I can't exactly return a bag after five years :sad:
  7. Sometimes you have to go into the sunlight or use a small flashlight to find it. That's what I usually do. When you're looking at the purse from the front, open, my CB Pap's datecode is on the left...along the upper edge stitching on the alcantara lining. like, at the top, it's a small space, but its right below where the canvas "dips" down, right in the middle. It's also upside down. I had to literally press the canvas in, and turn the purse upside down to find it...and of course to get a good look in sunlight or with a flashlight.... it was challenging...times like that make me wish I had more arms :P

    All the hardware and heatstamping looks good. The only thing I am wondering about is the outline of the cherry blossoms...they look a little thinner than I thought... But other than that, everything looks good, to me.

    I hope they can authenticate for you! If you have any question, you should take the purse in to the LV Boutique. Just go to a sales associate or manager and be like "Hey, I have had this purse for 5+ years and was always under the impression that it was authentic but it was a gift and I just want to make sure it is what I was told that it is so I'm not running around sporting fake stuff, I would be absolutely mortified!" And smile... and see what they say? They will know what is theirs and what isn't.
  8. I was thinking about doing this, but my concern was that this line is like eight years old and the current SAs might not be 100% educated on it, you know? Plus I moved to a new city so I've never been in the LV boutique here and I don't "know" them :sad:
  9. I understand, but... it's worth a shot!!! You never know, right?

    Do you see the datecode at ALL? Like an outline or anything of it? or one number, letter, anything?
  10. I thought I could see it before and in my mind I had the memory of being able to see it, but now I really can't at all... to be fair, my vision is not what it was five years ago(I use glasses now). I'm going to check it with a flashlight on my lunch break and see.
  11. It can be hard sometimes... Especially on that one, because you can't pull the lining out (that's what I had to do with my white MC speedy to find it!)

    Everything else looks legit! I would just try to find some kind of remnant of a code....flashlight will help.
  12. Please post such questions in the Date Codes Questions thread in the Date Codes section of the Reference Library, thanks!
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