Please Help: Cashmere Recs for men

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  1. Maybe someone can help?

    Looking for a nice quality cashmere sweater for a male. Can anyone direct me to a few great places to shop for this?

    Thank you.
  2. jcrew or banana republic for decent quality, maybe br a little better...
    best cashmere money can buy, loro piana for sure, but ralph lauren black/purple label can be considered as another second option.
  3. Brunello Cucinelli or Loro Piana for true top quality. For something more affordable I agree that RL Black Label is good, and for *really* affordable, Banana Republic is okay. I cannot recommend J. Crew cashmere. I have owned too many of their cashmere sweaters that have worn out after just a year or two.
  4. to be honest, i'm kind of sick of maintaining cashmere...they can pill pretty easily if you wear them all the time. i think the really high quality ones like loro piana may last a bit longer before they start showing wear and tear, but in my opinion, i've been buying combination wool and cashmere so that it not only last longer, but i don't have to use those damn pill fuzz removers after every other wear!

    i think the jcrew cashmere/wool/angora blend cable sweaters from last season were pretty nice...only bought one though, cuz i can't stand angora sticking to everything i own. :smile:
  5. Silk cashmere is also a good alternative. It's cheaper and doesn't peel off as much.