PLEASE help- can't find a certain color!

  1. I'm looking for anything in the mineral color. Has anybody seen one on eBay? I called customer service and they said there weren't any, but they were not discontinued. Can anybody help?
  2. When you spoke to the CS representative on the phone did you ask her to do a store search? They can look to see if any full price retail stores has something in stock. I think you'll need style numbers of the specific bags you are considering, though.

    Good luck!
  3. I saw Mineral Chelsea's in Fresno CA.
  4. I saw a larger sized mineral Hobo ($398) in a coach store last Sunday. HTH
  5. No, I didn't ask them to do a store search! Duh! I didn't even think of that. I think I am going to go do that right now! Thanks girls. :smile:
  6. I saw one today at the Coash store at the Westfarms Mall in Connecticut. Not sure what style of bag it was though.
  7. Forget what I wrote. I was thinking of a totally different color.