Please help! Can't decide which multicolore to buy!


Which multicolore to buy? Alma or Speedy?

  1. Alma

  2. Speedy

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  1. Hi there
    I'm new and buying my first LV!!! I would like to get the multicolore LV in either the Alma or the Speedy but cannot decide...please help if you are owners of either of these by telling me what you think...
    I like that the Alma is more structured and looks more sophisticated, but it might not be a good everyday bag...
    I like the Speedy because it seems like it would be great even with every day casual clothes but I'm worried about the sag and also is it too young looking for a 35 year old to carry?
  2. I don't have either one of these. But if I had to choose one I would choose the speedy. Love the hardware on it.
  3. my mc speedy doesnt sag.. i love it to bits!
  4. That's a tough decision. I own an Alma and a Speedy and love both styles. I have never owned a MC speedy but the speedy I do have I love. But I do have to say that I use my Alma more so my vote goes for that one.
  5. The black MC Alma is GORGEOUS. That's what I'd get.
  6. The Speedy MC is an awesome interpretation of a house icon.
  7. speedy vote for me
  8. Speedy! I have 2 MC Speedy's & I love them!!
  9. what a hard choice!!! I like both but if I have to choose I would go for the Alma in white. It's a classy bag IMO.
  10. Both are great looking bags, but MC Alma is my choice. I think MC speedy is too heavy and also too big for me.
  11. Speedy all the way, hon! ! !
    You're never to old to have something you LOVE. I just bought the MC Speedy this month & I can't live without it. The material is thicker than my Mono Speedy so there's not much sag at all. IMO it matches casual and more sophisticated styles as well. If I was 100, I would still buy it! !!
  12. I love the speedy!!!
  13. I would chose the speedy! :smile:
  14. The speedy rules over the alma for me anyday!
  15. Def the speedy. I have it in both colors and they are my two favorite bags in my collection. My mother is 48 years old and she borrows my speedies. you cna never be too old to carry LV. I'm 27 and plan on carrying these bags forever