Please help.. Can't decide between Classic Jumbo or Reissue

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  1. hi fellow TPFers, need help in deciding between 1) Classic Jumbo Caviar in silver hardware or 2) Chevron Reissue Black with Matt gold hardware in distressed calfskin (pic shown)


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  2. Hi I like the chevron reissue, very classic.. Also lighter than the Jumbo and you will likely get more use out of it.
  3. I second the chevron reissue, if you already have the classic.

    I'm eyeing the reissue myself :P Jumbo is too heavy for me.
  4. I tried both chevron reissue and jumbo in store and eventually went with the reissue although mine was the same distressed calf leather with black chain. You'll be able to tell if you tried both; I wasn't even thinking about the chevron reissue but once I tried it on, it was love at first sight!

    Besides the softer leather, the other factor was the weight; the reissue is much lighter than the jumbo.

    I'm not sure what size your reissue is (227?) but mine is 226 and it fits about the same amount of stuff as a jumbo can. :smile:
  5. I like the Reissue better! I own a quilted Reissue and I use it all the time, I love it :smile:
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  6. Normally I prefer classic over reissue but it is growing on me. And for me the choice between caviar with silver hardware and chevron with gold hardware I'd choose the latter.
  7. 100% reissue:biggrin:
  8. This reissue is stunning!
  9. Reissue!
  10. I second this!! If you're interested there's also a so black edition right now for sale; but the one with the matte gold hardware also looks divine!
  11. I would normally vote for the CF but I'm not keen on silver HW and that particular reissue is gorgeous so...I vote for the reissue! lol
  12. Thanks! I tried on both and I actually like the reissue better too! I don't have a classic.. and the SA was appalled that I hesitated on a Classic Jumbo!? and proceeded to tell me how "hard" it was to get a classic jumbo in.. etc... that's where the panic and uncertainty comes in.. :P
    I'm not sure what the size is.. but the SA says it's the jumbo size too..
  13. Yah.. the Classic Jumbo actually does look a little bulky and borderline too big for me.. Thanks for your opinion!
  14. Thanks Marlee, would you say whether the chevron or the quilted is more popular?
  15. I heard that the chevron Reissues are selling fast, but the quilted is the ultimate classic and will therefore always be popular I think. Last Saturday I saw several chevron Reissues at the boutique, and while I thought they were beautiful, I personally like the quilted best. The chevron seemed quite sturdy to me while my quilted bag is very supple, which I love. I think the best thing you can do is to go to the boutique, look at both and see which one makes your heart sing :smile: