Please help...can you identify this bag?

  1. hello,
    i received this as a present but don't know which BURBERRY bag this is. i can't find it anywhere online. it's a very nice bag and the retail tag says it's $575.
    thank you in advance.
    burberry bag2.JPG
  2. I am not sure of the name. But i think it is from fall/winter 2005. Sorry if i am wrong.
  3. Oh I sold the smaller version of that one a long time ago. I gotta dig through my archives to find the name. It's a gorgeous bag. :smile:
  4. thank you.
    any info would help.:yahoo:
  5. Well drats, I found my archive but I didn't write down the name. :shame: So sorry. I have the description as jacquard shadow check fabric material with pink snake skin trim. I agree with theglamorous about the date because I sold it during one of the Christmas rush.