Please help: can short hair be sexy???


Can short hair be sexy?

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    Yes, on the right women

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  2. No, it is either "cute" or "old"

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  3. don't have an opinion, but, my DH would kill me if I chopped mine off

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  1. It is getting hot and each summer I think about the chopping off my hair.

    My hair dresser (bless his heart) won't do it, he cuts to my shoulders and then tells me how much I will regret it if he cuts shorter :blink: .

    Why do women in U.S. society attach sexiness, sultriness, hottness, to long hair?

    Can't short hair be sexy and not just "cute".

    Is short hair too "old"?

    What do you all think and if you have a picture of a sexy gal with short hair please post her picture.

    I want to chop mine off I always wear it pulled back in a ballerina bun anyway - it serves no purpose except to make my head hot, and fall in my husband's face (if you know what I mean ;) ).

    I don't think I have ever seen a PlayBoy model with short, pixie, hair - or a swimsuit model with the pixie-do either - what does this say - only long hair is attractive?? Isn't that a little cave-man-ish - a symbol of times when men dragged women by their hair?

    Please help...I am conflicted between my positive self-image and society's perception of beauty.
  2. Short hair can be very chic !! Alot of women including ya self will be able to carry this look and look fab.

  3. Yes! lol And I know what you mean. I have really long hair and yeah people like it, but I'm starting to feel like my comfort overrides what everyone thinks is sexy or not.

    But I mean, look at Halle Berry! Christina Ricci had a short hair phase right? Winona Rider, Sharon Stone in Catwoman, Natalie Portman pulled off the bald look lol, Kiera Knightley, etc. And they are definitely sexy! Its sexy because short hair can be messy and you'd still look hot, but when you style it - Oh man. Sizzle! I've been thinking about cutting my hair pixie short actually. Anyways, those Playboy models, they all look the same to me. They all have to maintain that iconic, sex symbol image.

    Either way I bet you're going to look beautiful!
  4. I have mine short like Halle Berry. Short hair can look great on anyone you just need the right operator to give you the right cut!
  5. I hope so as I have super short hair LOL, I think the longest is maybe 4". Think portman but plat. blonde LOL. Personally I look horrible with long hair
  6. i have really long hair and i've been thinking of chopping it all off for the summer too.....i think that as long as you have the right bone strucutre short hair can be very sexy.......a lot of women that i think are sexy hair short hair.......i say go for it (and the hair falling on husband/SO is quite annoying) ;)
  7. Of course it can be hot, I mean, look at Natallie Portman and Kylie with their cropped dos !
  8. I've seen a handful short haired women that are hot, hot, HOT! It depends on the person though, some can't pull it off and looks weird while others just look cute.
  9. I think short hair can be edgy and very sexy..I can't say I would have the nerve to cut it too short, simply because I have curls and also because I don't think it would work with my face shape.
  10. Halle Berry is a great example - she always looks hot, and I remember a picture of her with a wig or extensions, and it did not look right.

    I think hair is about proportions as much as carrying the right bag is.

    My mother is like Samson (biblical reference) with her hair - She says that if she cuts it it will make her hips look big - each time I get an inch cut she notices, and makes a snide comment about it - i think even in my 30's I want to rebel against my mother and prove that hair does not make the woman - is this insane?? :suspiciou
  11. I bet you look great - I love how short hair looks when it is platinum...
  12. Yes! I think Halle Berry looked her finest with the short hair.

    Why don't you try cutting your hair so you can still tuck it behind the ears? From shoulder length to pixie cut is such a drastic change!


    Alyssa Milano with short hair...looking very sexy!
  13. not at mother always tells me long hair makes women attactive, which i think is ridiculous......i think we feel the need to rebel against our parents at any age on certain things, and from what i can remember from the post your picture thread i think you'd look hot with shorter hair so you shouldn't let your mother affect your decision....

    and alyssa milano was hot with her pixie cut.........
  14. I'll do it if you do it. :P
  15. loganz unfortunately i don't think i have the fantastic bone structure that you do :sad2:..........but some of this hair does need to go :P