please help! buying my first pair of designer shoes

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  1. hi everyone! for those of you who have seen my earlier threads you know i have gutted my shoe wardrobe! so i am in desperate need of new shoes and am looking at buying one or two pairs of designer shoes to start with.

    been looking on the 'bay as well as a few other places but have no idea what sizing is!!! I wear a US 8.5 pretty much ALWAYS!

    what size in chanel do i take?
    what size in manola?
    in gucci?

    do they all fit true to size? what are these 38 39 etc? i keep trying to look online and some say an 8.5 is a 38,5 and some say a 39,5. please help!
  2. 38, 39 etc are european sizing. since most designer shoes are europeans their sizings are so.
    for your fit, it's probably best to go to ur local holts and actually try on shoes. IMO, i find that sizing nowadays are all over the place with some run one size up/down, and even halfs. the only foolproof way for sure is to try them on. hope this helps!
  3. there is not a single store in the city i live in that sells premium designer labels. we used to have a holt renfrew, but we lost it years ago. so trying on in person is not an option.
  4. i wear a similar size... so far i'm a 38.5 in prada and gucci and 39-39.5 in louboutin.
  5. I agree, you really need to try on some shoes first. I am a 38.5 EU sizing, which is a UK 5.5 and yesterday I bought some US sized shoes that are an 8, which fit my feet perfectly. Have you have your feet actually measured lately? It might be a good starting point, just to make sure you get an accurate idea of your US size.

    Try this website

    After some looking I've found this one to be the most accurate as to the sizes *I* take. I tend to go with the idea that I'll fit somewhere between a 38 to a 39. I always go TTS. If you buy from somewhere such as Net A porter, they are very good with returns from what I gather.
  6. Unfortunately shoe sizing is quite the hazzle ... different brands, but also different models in one brand, will give you different results for sizes!

    In general I find that I need ½-1 size smaller in high heeled pumps/sandals than my regular size 39, so I use 38-38½ in pumps/sandals and 38½-39 in boots/booties ... except for Mulberry which runs true to size for me (despite them saying otherwise on their website about these particular shoes) and for my only pair of CL's that are 39½'s!

    If you can't try them on before you buy them, definitely make sure you can return them and get a refund!
  7. I'm an American 8.5.. Most of my Chanel shoes are 39.5 (which they will say equals a 9.5)

    IME European shoes run small
  8. I am pretty much a US size 8.
    I have a pair of Chanel flats that are 38.5. Just bought a pair of Jimmy Choo wedge sandal's and took a 39 (they only came in whole sizes) I also have a pair of JC boots and they are a 38.5 but I think I could have taken a 38. I have tried on Louboutins, never purchased, but I wear a 39.
    Not sure if that helped you at all :weird:
  9. I believe that traditionally a 38 translated to a 7.5 (38.5 to an 8, etc) but as designers have expanded to other markets the sizing has started to translate more literally - like 38 is an 8 (38.5 is an 8.5). Every designer has a different fit so you really kind of have to learn your designer. I live in a state where it is almost impossible to find high end shoes so I know how you feel.

    Most of the time you can get away with ordering true to size - if you wear an 8.5, order 38.5. Some websites will include a fit guide. I believe Saks and net-a-porter do this and it will tell you if you should order one size down or whatever. Zappos allows buyers to rate how the shoes fit so you can gauge what size you will need to order that way. I would recommend ordering from one of these sites at first until you get a better feel for your sizing and some sites, like net-a-porter, include free return shipping if you get the wrong size.

    For your reference, I wear true to size in Gucci and I go up a 1/2 size in Manolo for most styles. If you are curious about Louboutin sizing the Louboutin forum has a fantastic thread on sizing for each style.
  10. each designer run size differently....i had two exact same pair of sandals from JC...from different was size 37..and one was 37-1/2, when i measured them next to each other...they are the exact same size....
    if you haven't had the shoes really need to try them on. you can do this while traveling...and if you buy online...make sure it's free to exchange for size...and ebay is never good place to start....they never take returns for wrong sizes.
  11. I think that the best thing to do is to measure the insoles of some of your current shoes. Then when looking to purchase on ebay, you can ask the insole measurement of the shoe you are looking to buy. Since sizing is all over the place, this is a way to look for a constant.
  12. This is how sizing works for me. However, I have a wide foot so these are typically the sizes I buy:

    Chanel: TTS or 1/2 size bigger
    Manolo Blahnik: TTS or 1/2 size bigger
    Gucci: TTS or 1/2 - 1 size smaller

  13. can you give me numbers? what is tts for an 8.5? 38.5 or 39?
  14. If you're US 8.5, your most likely size would be a 39 in designer styles.

    I am a US 7.5 (nine west/aldo/etc)

    in designer certain brands:

    Lanvin, Jimmy Choo, Jil Sander, Prada, Miu Miu: 37.5
    Chanel (lambskin), Manolo, Givenchy, Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Burberry, Chloe: 38
    Louboutin (most styles), Chanel (patent leather): 38.5
  15. take this as a VERY VERY broad guideline - like others, i strongly suggest you try some brands on at a store before buying. otherwise, i recommend that if you plan to buy online, order several pairs of a style you like and eat the cost of shipping to return the ones that don't fit.

    but . . . for the most part, i find that in designer shoes people usually need to size up 1/2 size from their "mass" brand sizes (nine west, etc.)