PLEASE HELP..! Buyer paid $1330 but received refund $2660 & item!!!

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  1. Please advice...

    Buyer claim PayPal for refund, she return but custom reject it and return back to her.

    Then I relist it coz she promised will send it directly to the buyer. Now, she hasn't cancel her PayPal dispute the PayPal refund her for $1330 & she has item on her hand, the worst, item sold and next buyer paid directly to her PayPal.

    It mean she's money from me, next buyer and my item. What should I do? I'm so panic and desperately...
  2. I really can not make out what you are trying to say.
    But it appears- you sold an item, buyer did a dispute- they got money back- you relisted the bag- without having it- new buyer paid to her and hasnt sent item ? Have you been in contact with the old buyer or the new buyer.
    If you have not heard from the old buyer and she is avoiding you- you need to contact eBay and paypal-sounds like something fishy is going on here- almost 4K to the old buyer in funds and goods...
    If you did not know the buyer why would you trust he/she to send bag back-
    Wow this is a mess
  3. Why did the new buyer send payment to the old buyer?
  4. OMG!!! I know I'm so stupid...

    First buyer open dispute and escalate it. She return to me but custom reject item and sent back to her with legal letters provided.

    She never told me before that item isn't on her hand so I thought it's already back to her. I asked her if she can send item to my buyer if I relist it? She said ok and want PayPal to her address, ok ok stupid me :s

    Now, PayPal refunded her for $1330, she has money of my buyer and my item.

    I've told my buyer to open dispute but is there any way to get back my item?
  5. Sorry for another dumb question, anyone here could tell me if Saint Peters, MO not too far from Colorado or Chicago? I've fams there and if it's possible, I'll ask them to help me to pick my bag...
  6. ^It is probably about 4 1/2 hour drive from Chicago.
  7. Hi lvgodiva,
    OK let's sort it out:
    1. Where is the good now? If still on your first buyer, let her send it to your second buyer. Then upon arrival , confirm it with your second buyer.

    2. Your first buyer already got the $1330 from the second buyer ( unless I misread you early). Which I don't undersatnd why second buyer pays money to your first buyer and NOT to You. You are the Seller supposedly.
    Confirm the situation with all parties cc emails :sos:

    3. It is your first buyer's obligation to send You $1330 since right now she has $2660 plus the good anyway on her hand (before shipping it to the second buyer).

    Hope it helps. Good luck ! :angel:
  8. Hmmmm....I'm still stuck on the fact that you actually had your second buyer pay your first buyer when you relisted a bag that you did not at the time have in your hands. What reason did your first buyer give you for asking that the payment from the second buyer come directly to them? And the bigger question is, why did you comply? I'm really not trying to be critical but that is the strangest situation I've heard of on eBay.

    So, your first buyer has (1) a refund from PayPal from their purchase of the bag from you (2) your bag and (3) the second buyer's payment? If this is true, I don't understand why you would trust anyone who would file a claim against you in the first place. Please tell me I have the facts wrong.

    It sounds like you've allowed yourself to be scammed. Big time. The only suggestion I can offer is that if you haven't already done so - go back and save all correspondence between you and the other two parties involved. And threaten crimimal charges against your first buyer if she doesn't (1) send you the payment from the second buyer and (2) ship the bag to the new owner.

    Good luck. I really hope you can get this sorted out.
  9. The nightmare scenario you describe well justifies panic. You're far too trusting. Business is business-period.

    I'd never even think to allow a buyer to forward an item to another or request 2nd buyer send 1st buyer payment. What if 1st buyer pulls a switch and sends 2nd a fake? You could (I pray not) lose 2.6 K AND the bag.

    I feel so bad for you! :sad: I hope everything works out. Please keep us posted.
  10. Yes, stupid me... :s I think I was so panic when see PayPal dispute against me and item wasn't on my hand but sent back to the first buyer by my custom.

    She said that she'll cancel dispute when I refund her so I didn't think nor predict that PayPal will refund her, dumb me.

    Is it ok if I ask the 2nd buyer to open PayPal claim against her? I just affraid she'll run away with my 2nd buyer's money, too...
  11. My custom sent back to her around 2 weeks ago so item should on her hand now. That's my problem, I'm not sure she'll send to my buyer after she receive her PAyPal refund and item both on her hand :s

    Yes, totally stupid me... She's $1330 from PayPal refund, $1330 from my buyer and my bag. I think I was so panic and even never predicted that PAyPal will refund her for such that fast while she return it to the different address from my PayPal shipping address.
    Confirm the situation with all parties cc emails :sos:

    Do you have any idea how to ask her to send to my buyer now? She's double $1330 and item now :s
  12. This sounds awful!

    I'm not sure how this will work out because you had listed the eBay listing, but had asked the 2nd buyer to submit payment to the 1st buyer. :confused1: I guess the best way to handle this is to advise the 2nd buyer to open a PayPal dispute for item not received and see how it goes. Best of luck to you!
  13. Oh no! This is horrible. But I don't know if the 2nd buyer can file a claim against the 1st since you're the seller. If she files a claim, then you might be responsible for paying her back. print*model's suggestion of legal action could be the way to go. What buyer #1 did has got to be major theft of some sort.

    Good luck with this; I really hope it works out in your favor. Keep us posted!
  14. Don't be so hard on yourself. What's done is done. You're not stupid. Just very trusting to a fault, unfortunately. I really do feel bad for you.

    Can you tell us what reason the first buyer gave you for having the second buyer send the payment directly to them? Although there is no valid reason for them to have asked you to do this, that information may help us decide which direction to advise you to go in.

    Also, when is the last time you heard from buyer #1 and how long has it been since you sold the bag to buyer #2?

    I don't see why you can't have buyer #2 open a PayPal claim for "item not received" against buyer #1 - especially if buyer #2 has not received the bag as of yet.
  15. Have you tried to contact Ebay about this? I'm not trying to be rude but you might want to get someone who can write English a little clearer to help you when you do contact Ebay. Too many CS reps disregard emails they can't understand at first glance.
    It seems to me that you tried to avoid the paypal dispute by arranging your own version of a refund privately with your buyer. The bag would be relisted and the new buyer would pay the original buyer and the original buyer would send the bag out when they got their money. I would suggest you send copies of all the correspondence from the original buyer where they agreed to do this to Paypal to ask them to reclaim the money they paid to your original buyer.
    Because you went outside of Ebay policy by having the second buyer pay the first buyer for the bag, I'm not sure how paypal is going to be able to help you or your new buyer here. I think the new buyer also went outside of Ebay policy by agreeing to pay a different person to the seller, so I don't know how that affects your obligation to provide them with the product they bought. If Paypal refunded you and your second buyer from the original buyers funds then that would settle the whole thing all round. It's a matter of whether they have the legal right to do so, since you didn't follow any of their policies, and didn't do any of this through the proper channels.
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