Please HELP! Buyer keeps sending threatening e-mails on AUTHENTIC item. HELP!

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  1. I am on the verge of tears because of frustration but this sounds like such a HUGE scam. I sold a pair of Louboutins and the buyer is claiming they are fake when I know they are 100% authentic. I mentioned in the description that they are used and I disclosed all the scuffs, and the fact that it wouldn't come in a dustbag OR box. The buyer said she bid on the shoes through her iPhone so she didn't see the details in the description. She e-mailed me yesterday and I did not receive the e-mails till today with subject heading, "You're in trouble.. selling me fake Louboutins and not getting back to me". She keeps writing in her e-mails that she knows ebay authorities and she will report me and report to her credit unless I give her a 15% refund. She threatens me and tells me she has Saks to back her up saying that they are fake. She ends one of the emails with "I know your name, your address, etc...." and I should "change my ways" and that she will be checking up on me. These e-mails are so incredibly obnoxious and rude (and creepy_, that it seems like they are meant to make me angry just to give her money back. It really seems like a scam. I called Ebay and they cannot help me. What do I do? I am sooo upset!

    Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Why would she be happy if they were fake with a 15% credit ? That makes no sense to me...I would tell her-- send them back for a refund and let it go at that....Some people are not right at all...I am sorry this is happening to you...Just stay will be ok =)
  3. thanks so much abbiesmom! i offered her a full refund if she would return the shoes... it really makes no sense. and she's threatening me on my personal e-mails calling me a liar and a cheater and that bad karma is coming my way. but on the ebay message, she is polite and civil. ugh.

    worst part is, i have no help from eBay. i feel like there is no seller protection at all!
  4. First - try not to let this upset you. She is trying to scam you by requesting that you refund her without her filing with ebay. Call ebay again and ask for a supervisor. I am not sure why they cannot help you if her emails are indeed that threatening. Why, if she says they are fake, does she want to keep them and get a partial refund? This does not make sense to me. I would talk with a supervisor and ask if they will read the emails. You know her address, too, right? I would let her know very politely that you will call her local authorities if she does not stop her threatening emails. I would also invite her to file with ebay if she indeed believes these are fake. Do not refund her without her filing a dispute, otherwise, she will scam you (which is exactly what she is trying to do). It doesn't matter that she bid with her iPhone - she could still read the description. Worst case is ebay will require her to send back the shoes for a full refund, but ebay will make her get the shoes back to you before she gets her refund. I doubt anyone at Saks will put in writing that the shoes are fake. Hope that helps.
  5. thank you, cbarrus -- i really hope a supervisor at eBay will be willing to help me out....
  6. Just be patient with them, but I have definitely found that talking with a supervisor is better than whomever they let answer the phone, LOL. She is not allowed to threaten you, and it may even get her ebay account suspended for doing so. And, her ebay "authorities" are not the law. That part actually made me laugh. Keep us updated.
  7. Chelley you are far too nice to have to deal with this!!! Don't give into her bullying. She's obviously just trying to scam you. Be very firm and tell her it's either a full refund for the shoes or nothing. You know they are not fake and there's no way she will be able to get proof that they are.
  8. thank you cbarrus & buzzy! she tells me, "Perhaps you've never seen a real pair, but this isn't it and I have Saks backing me up on that one." And that I messed with the wrong person because "it doesn't hurt to have connections in LA when you grew up in Beverly HIlls." So rude. I will definitely keep you updated.

    buzzy, you are so sweet. you should see me here... DH is trying to calm me down. These people are so wrong. =(
  9. In my experience, people who feel the need to brag about those things, rarely have the status/connections they claim to have. Hang in there, it'll work out in your favor I'm sure!!!

    Maybe you should suggest she have them authenticated on TPF. :graucho:
  10. Block her emails from your personal email box. No need to deal with that, only through ebay.

    This seems to be a common way to get some $$ back on ebay. I sold a pair of CL, and the buyer resold them *($150 more:smile: and her buyer did this. She came back to me wanting a refund, so I sent her the invoice I had NM resend me online. She sent it to her buyer, end of discussion.

    You offered to take back the shoes, and she wants 15%. Ebay will see through that and deny it or make her send them back. If they see all those emails, they probably will NARU her as well. (Until she opens a new account.)
  11. Excellent advice here.

    I would message the buyer one time via ebay messaging and advise her to please not email you any more, that you will only correspond via ebay messaging. And then disregard/do not reply to her personal emails.

    Advise her via ebay messaging that if she is not happy with her purchase, she is welcome to return the item in same condition as purchased and you will issue a refund upon return.

    And if via ebay messaging she requests another partial refund, send her the same message again that upon return of the item you will issue a refund.
  12. buzzy - i was actually thinking about that, but i didn't want there to be any stalking going on as clearly this buyer as other intentions.... so sad...

    Melissa Ann - great idea... I will definitely block her personal e-mails. I hope she doesn't come back with a new e-mail and a new threat. Do you think I should even respond to her personal e-mail with, "Please discuss any issues through the Ebay Messaging System. Thank you." or should I just block her from personal e-mails and leave it at that? Thank you so much for your help!
  13. This is horrible! I'm sooooo glad I've eeebayed everything I planned to so no more selling for me, hopefully.
  14. thank you for the advice, Ellie Mae! i am so glad i have you all to help me here. i would be so lost without you all... seriously...
  15. HTH! One other thing.. if you are still in contact w/ ebay, also advise them that you have told this buyer that you will refund upon return of the item if she is not happy w/ her purchase, but the she continues to demand a partial refund. Just "for the record".

    Hang in there and don't let this buyer stress you out!