Please Help!!!!!Bubble Quilt Bowler

  1. Dear all, I'm now looking for this bubble quilt bowler and I got confused by the colors. How many colors for this bubble quilt bowler? Does it come with choco brown, dark beige and light beige? I was told that choco brown = dark beige and that means there are only two colors for the bag. i.e. dark beige and light beige. However, after browsing through this forum, it seems that they do have choco brown color.

    It seems that the pic on the left is in dark beige and the pic on the right is in choco brown. Any advices?

    Actually I found one at Neiman Marcus Denver and it is in dark beige. I'm very confused now and need help. If it also comes with choco brown, I will let go the dark beige and go for the choco brown.

    BTW, do you know where can i find the choco brown color? As i'm living in HK and placing the oversea order and NM only accepts American Express. Do you know any stores that will accept international visa?

    In respect of the taxes and tariffs, NM only replied that "You will be responsible for all taxes and tariffs i don't have the information on that". But I read some thread and they mentioned that "International shipments are exempt from US tax". Can someone clarify this?

    If anyone knows where can i get this, please let me know the shop and SA details.

    Sorry for too many questions. Hope I could get this handbag sooner!!

    A million thanks!!!!

  2. The pictures you posted above are both dark beige I believe, just different lighting. BQ comes in dark brown (deep choco color), dark beige (olive khaki color), dark white (cream beige).
  3. The bag you have pictured on the left is the Dark Beige, looks like a Khaki. The bag on the right looks like it could be the chocolate, however the pic looks light, the choco is actually pretty dark. The colors that I am aware of are the Dark Beige, a dark Chocolate color and White which looks like a sand color, very light.

    I would try Saks and Nordstrom. Good luck.