( Please help ) Brand new Fendi mon tresor with defects

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    20190126_133924.jpg 20190125_210928.jpg pt2019_01_26_19_38_02.jpg Hi.

    I bought a FENDI mon tresor on ebay and seller described as brand new.

    I inspected the bag and details very carefully couple of times right after I received it. And i found something that wasn't in the description and wasn't informs in the ebay messages from seller.

    Defects :
    - Leather creasing ,aging ( i know this is normal )
    - Scratches, oxidized on hardwares.
    - Exterior signs of wear.

    What should I do ???

    Thank you

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  2. You should be able to return it if it wasn’t as described.
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  3. Hi.

    I tried to solve the issue with the seller and heres what i got from the seller.

    I don't know what else I can do...


  4. If you're truly unhappy, I suggest filing a complaint with Ebay if you feel the item wasn't as described. I honestly think these issues are very minor but they seem to bother you.
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  5. Got it. Thank u
  6. If this is hard to find or sold out anywhere, I would keep the bag as the "scratch" isn't that serious.

    But I know you would want a brand new one as described. And this is misrepresentation!
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  7. Thank you. Ive solved the problem with seller already.
  8. What did you end up doing?
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