PLEASE HELP!!! Bought fake Cartier necklace on Ebay and don't know what to do......

  1. I bought a Cartier necklace on eBay 2 months ago and trusted that the necklace is authentic because the Seller seems reputable with 100% positive feedbacks and is also a jeweler with an actual storefront. However, after recently taking it into Cartier to request or an insurance valuation, they claimed that the necklace is fake. I contacted the Seller regarding this and had asked to return it for a full refund. He denies that the necklace is fake and refuses to call Cartier and speak to the managers to verify my information. Also, he will not allow a refund because it has already been over 2 months. I've already filed a chargeback dispute with my credit card company and am still waiting while the case is currently in investigation. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this and had gone through this process? What should I be expecting and is there anything else that I can do for the time being? Should I go ahead and send the necklace back anyways???? I don't know what to expect and it's driving me insane to sit here and wait. Can someone please share a similar experience or make any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.
  2. I haven't had a similar experience but I would suggest that you don't do anything until you hear from your credit card company and let them tell you how to proceed.

    In the meantime, I would save every email between you and the seller. If it's not too late I would also save a copy of the auction listing including all photos.

    DON'T send the necklace back, since you may need to submit photos or have it proven fake by a third party.

    Good luck. I know it's frustrating to deal with these eBay crooks, but try to be patient.

  3. You are too late to file w/ eBay or PP, so now you must wait your your CC co to rule. Sorry, PITA, but at least you paid w/ CC and now have a resource to assist.
  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I agree with the suggestion to follow along with what your CC company wants to do. I've only had to do chargebacks for items not received, and it's never been a problem. The waiting while they investigate is normal.

    If Cartier pronounced it fake, then perhaps you can get that in writing from them? It would seem they'd like to help get the bogus items off the market.

    I bought a vintage Cartier piece about 10 years ago and was told by Cartier that they couldn't authenticate items but that they only did repairs on their own items so if I sent it in for repair (the jump ring was getting thin) and they accepted it, then I could assume it was legit. That sounds nuts, but that was their policy a decade ago.
  5. Tiffany has that same policy, as well as Hermes and LV, I think. I.e., you can submit something for repair and they will fix it only if it is authentic.
    As EM says bove, think your only recourse is to do the CC chargeback at this late date....can you please post the ebay seller's name so we can all avoid them?
  6. Thanks for that info. I guess that's one reason to be grateful the piece needed a repair - I could authenticate it at the same time.
  7. Thank you all for your advise. I called my CC company twice today. First reponse was to tell me to ship the necklace back since the final ruling will be based on who has the item in posession. I wanted to confirm if that information is correct so I made a second call. Oddly, the second response was to advise me to hold onto the item until further notice. Now I'm confused as to what to do. Please help!
  8. I'd hold onto it (as per the advice from your credit card company) since if you send it back you may be out the necklace and your money.

    Does Cartier have a fake-reporting department? Since this was sold by a jeweler with an actual storefront, it would seem they might want to pursue this. If the seller has one piece, who's to say they don't have more fakes?
  9. Just a thought, when you speak to your cc co., I would ask them to confirm the info in an email so you can have a record of it.
  10. I would hold on to the necklace..who ever you speak with at Cartier get their

    name for reference and if they can e-mail you, that is always good and keep all

    e-mails from the seller. Why is the seller being resistant to making the phone call

    to confirm your information, probably because he already knows that article is not

    correct and it just stalling until he gets confirmation as to what to do. Shame on him!!
  11. Hi!
    I'm worried the necklace I bought could be fake too. Can you tell me name of seller and how you could tell it wasn't authentic? Thanks so much. Dayna

  12. OP, call your CC again and find out IF you need to post it back.
    But do you still have the sellers address?
    I would prefer you wait until you get their final approval to send it back and hopefully get your money back.
    If i may ask, how much did it cost you?
    Good luck

    dmom927 if you think you a fake, post photos here and the lovely ladies will help you.
    Good luck
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