Please help! Bluette or Black :)

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Sep 29, 2012
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Hi all

Short story short I'm trying to decide if I should get a Prada bag in bluette or black. I am a bit worried about the white topstitching on the bluette but I've heard that it doesn't get dingy easily and I've even read the Tide to Go pens are an easy solution to clean topstitching (anyone have any input on that?)

This bag will be an everyday use bag (put in my MacBook Air, my planner, my lunch/snack, a notebook, etc)- as my SA said I plan on "using and abusing her"- she'll be with me when I'm feeling a bit extra stylish to school, want to study at Starbucks, traveling to places like France (yay!), or even just across the country- meaning it will be under the seat of an airplane when its taking off and landing :P

So….any opinion/help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's a picture of the Prada bluette- different bag but same color
(cocobean I hope you don't mind me sharing your pictures and thread)

and heres the Prada Vitello Daino Sacca 2 Manici in red- same idea with the white top stitching for the bluette. No white topstitching for the black one.

I am currently leaning towards the black (as I currently have that bag on charge hold) and maybe styling it with an Hermes Twilly to give it some oomph …but then there is something really beautiful about the bluette- I like having color and I feel like a black bag is something everyone owns its not as fun and exciting.

Honestly I'm at a loss….

A bit on what I already own:
I do have a Longchamp bag- one of the bigger ones that fits my laptop and what not in a dark purple. A cobalt blue Coach bag that its a large purse kinda thing (doesn't fit laptop, so doesn't really fit in the "everyday use"), a black Chanel bag thats similar in size to the 2.55- its mostly black except the cross linked C's are white leather (my apologies for not knowing the name) and a Chanel dark pink bag (similar to the first one in the group)[]/1/

AND I have started a thread on the Prada forum (sorry mods if I did something that I wasn't suppose to do )…but I was hoping to get more advice/input.

Everyone on the Prada forum has opted for the black bag saying its more elegant, functional (since it goes with everything), and timeless. Some have said that the white topstitching on the bluette makes it less luxurious looking- I agree with that to a point but then again since it is an everyday bag I don't think thats too bad of a thing.

I'm about to buy a 1600 dollar bag (with my own money) and I want to be sure, really sure before I make my purchase.

Thank you! :biggrin:
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