Please Help!!!! Black Epi Alma Dilemma

  1. Alma's tend to be a HUGE pain in the butt for me - b/c of the double zippers (but then again, nothing ever works for me, so that's most likely my luck). I tend to keep them at the top. I would get the Speedy - it's understated and elegant, at whatever age. :smile: And the one zipper is user friendly. Anything will look good if you think so, and especially with an all black bag, like the epi line. My two cents.
  2. thanks!!! i already have a LOT of speedys!! lolx... 30s in mono, damier and 25 in azur!!

    ITS SOOOO TEMPTING though.. but i think i am leaning on NO.. i don't know:push:
  3. I love it. Get it before it's too late. :smile:
  4. oo thats one purdy bag! i love the classic black bags that LV do :smile: they look great on everybody!!!
  5. get the is classy and will grow on you
  6. thanks for the help guys~!!!!! anyone else is MORE THAN WELCOME to bid!! cause i think I am gonna pass!!