Please Help - Black Elise? Stella LE Black

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I found a Black Elise for $499 USD. I've been eyeing the Elise but not in the plain leather. What do you think?

    I'm also trying to hunt down a Black Stella LE and I saw a few people found some a couple weeks ago. Do you think there are any still available now or has anyone seen them while hitting up the 4th of July sales? My friend finally got married this weekend so I've been completely MIA from shopping these past few weeks so I feel like I deserve this!! Please help!

  2. Wsgirl,

    I prefer Patent Quilted Elise. Some members here have Calf Leather Elise, they love theirs as well. It really depends on your preference. =) Patent Quilted Elise is still $1050, it's no longer available at my stores; Nordstrom discounted plain leather Elise in discontinued colors like Putty/Butter/Orange/etc, I believe Black Elise is still full price. The price you found is a great deal.

    As for Black Stella LE, I didn't see any at my local NM. Have you tried calling the numbers members posted?

    Yup, you deserve a great bag. Good luck. =)

  3. bag.lover: which nordy has elise in discontinued color on sale?
  4. Told by SAs that discontinued colors include Denim, Putty, Linen (not this season's), Orange, Butter, etc. The problem is finding a store with the style you are looking for; Safin1 got the last Putty Elise I saw. Haven't seen any other Elise at my local Nordies. Orange/Putty styles are still full price at my local Saks/NMs/Bloomies.

    If you are interested in Venetia/Blake/MPs, you might want to wait for their Anniversary Sale? =)