Please help!! Black city rggh

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  1. I am usually in the Chanel forum, however, I decided to convert!!

    I found a boutique that has 1 black city with rose gold hardware. Is that style/color combination sold out at most boutiques or hard to find? Do you think I should grab it while I can or do you think I would be able to find it in the future? I wanted to wait until after the holidays to make any large purchases but don't want to miss out. Let me know your thoughts!!

  2. It's always going to be around as black is a seasonal color (meaning it's available every season). If you're not picky about leather then you will be able to buy one during the Spring/Summer 11 season and pass on the one in the boutique.
  3. Great leather on this seasons bags! :smile:
  4. ^^agree with miuuu. We cannot predict future seasons' leather. But 2010 black leather (especially with giant hardware) is heavenly. I just sold my black rggh city and kind of regret it, the leather was amazing soft even when I bought it brand new!
  5. I would grab it. As was said, this season's black leather is fabulous.

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  6. i would grab it! 2010 leather for black is exceptional!
  7. I just ordered one. It will be my first bal as well. I couldn't resist! Apparently the leather hasn't been this good since 2005.

    I say go for it!
  8. BTW beautiful picture Rose100. You are making me anxious for my bag!
  9. Get it! 2010 black RGGH leather is gorgeous.
  10. is it true that the 2010 black leather better than before? is it only the black or applied to any other colors in 2010?
  11. Go for it. I have bought mine yesterday I couldnt resist the leather. It is a deeper color than past seasons. And combined with RGGH STUNNING
  12. go get it,,because like everyone said the leather so wrinkly and distressed. Goodluck :graucho:

  13. So happy to enable!
    You will love her! :yahoo:

    Thank you for the kind words. I ordered that one sight unseen from Bal dot com and actually gasped when I opened up her dustbag! :nuts:
  14. I have seen Blue Roi and Pourpre, and all are wonderful and distressed. The blue is exceptionally lovely.
  15. definitely go for it! this 2010/3 is the best season of black color, at least among all these 3-4 years... it's such a deep jet black with fabulously moist & nicely distressed :nuts: