Please help - BH or Boulogne

  1. Please forgive me if I have misspelled these, but my H has finally said I could get an LV!! Originally I wanted the Batignolles H but now I think the Boulogne would be better. It seems a bit smaller and more casual for my lifestyle. What do the experts think???
  2. I love the BH. I am an owner of one. I don't think it's that big of a bag. However if you want something smaller than the BH, go for something else.

    I always recommend going to the store if possible and just trying the bags on.
  3. I personally prefer the BH. I have one and love it! It's probably best to follow Elong's advice and go try some different bags on to see what fits you best.
  4. I like the look of the BH. But a huge plus for the Boulogne IMO: It has a top zipper, the BH doesn't.
  5. Batignolles Horizontal!!
  6. My two cents...

    I had the Boulogne and it is STILL my favorite bag appearance-wise. If I didn't carry so much stuff, I would've kept it. The reason I didn't like it was because it was too narrow for me and all my stuff would make the bag bulge out on the sides. The zipper is also a bit strange -- because the top of the bag is reinforced canvas, the zipper can look 'bumpy' sometimes. Drove me nuts!

    If you don't carry a lot, then it's a fantastic bag!
  7. i hate the Boulogne; the shape bugs me, it looks a bit old-fashioned to me.

    i have the Batignolles Horizontal and i love it. it's really not a very big bag.
  8. Bh!
  9. Go with BH - My mc boulogne is my least favorite and I agree it does look a little old fashioned. Also, the opening is cumbersome...
  10. BH! :smile:
  11. Bh!!
  12. Thank you one and all. But after looking again (I can't get easily to a store), and talking to Eluxury, I decided on the Cablos Planos or whatever it's called. Stay tuned....
  13. They both are very different bags, like do you prefer a zip top or are you okay that the BH doesn't close? The size too are completely different as well - so thats something to consider.

    Its funny cause The Boulogne was my mom's first LV bag ever, but then again she's very simple, and its funny cause all her bags tend to single strap, not to big and yeah simple.

    In my experience at the store, and from what I've observed... The Boulogne is carried by "mature" women, but yeah depending on your age of course... I find The BH is a better selection and buy.

    The majority of people would be like "ah" to The Boulogne, but to The BH... its nice, fun, the trimming gives it character! That, and for the price its a whole lot of bag. :smile:

  14. my mom has the Bulonge,and she loves it!. When I use it the zipper is so hard to open!.Get the BH!,I want one badly!
  15. I don't love the boulogne shape wise, I love the BH though!