Please help between two options


Apr 30, 2016
I'm debating between two bags for my first and likely only Chanel. Would you suggest the medium/large classic flap in black caviar or a rectangle mini in black lambskin. I found one mini that's available and don't want to pass it up if they're hard to get, but don't know if it's worth just spending a little more and buying the M/L. Thank you in advance!


May 16, 2015
I would go for the m/l classic flap if this will be your Chanel in a long time. It holds more and I feel like you would find more use out of it. Even if the mini is hard to get, to me, this does not factor in. I think it's more important that you get what you love more regardless of how easy or hard it is to get. Good luck deciding :smile:
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Oct 7, 2015
There isn't much of a size difference between the two for the large price difference. Depending on your height the Medium Classic can't be worn cross body and the Mini can be worn cross body.... If you want caviar or really want a Classic Flap for your one and maybe only Chanel then hold out for the Medium Classic Flap. If these things don't matter to you then save $1800 and get a Mini :smile:


Apr 11, 2015
I think you have to think about how you would like to use the bag. I agree with stylevialauren.

Also lambskin is more prone to scratches, dents, ...; caviar is more hassle free. Lambskin is by some seen as a more luxurious material, where caviar is a more sturdy everyday material.

If it was me, I would probably go for the medium flap; if this would be my only Chanel bag; just because you get the double flap, the zipped compartment in the flap, ... It feels more classic Chanel to me. Then again, most likely after buying one Chanel bag, you will want a second one at some point :biggrin:.

Have you watched this:


May 7, 2014
Mini is a great starter bag, and as you've mentioned it's harder to get. I'd go to boutique and try them on.