Please help between 2 Celine REDs! ❤️❤️

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  1. I am in search of a red nano, coquelicot red if possible. I am still kicking myself for selling mine awhile back. [emoji23]

    I saw these 2 red bags posted on hgbags. One is described as Pop red, with silver hardware. And one is just Red, with gold hardware. Has anyone seen both bags IRL? Which one is a truer red, closer to Celine coquelicot red? TIA!

    IMG_4846.jpg IMG_1526652697.611940.jpg
  2. I don't know if this will help you but I own a mini Luggage in red. The tag just said red...its pebbled leather. Definitely a blue-red. Looks similar in color to the first picture you posted. The second bag you posted has an orange-red cast, IMO...more like the coquelicot color you want. Good luck!
    Celine mini.jpg
  3. I like the pop red a lot more. The other one (red) has a little orange undertone.
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  4. Agree with @Ines77 Pop Red is a true red, while Red has orange tint to it. Based on my memory Cocquelicot is slightly blue(?) I could be wrong, but I think Pop red is more similar
  5. Here's a couple pics of the Pop Red (with silver hdw) Celine Nano in outdoor natural light and an up close pic of the leather and color ❤️

    Attached Files:

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  6. I prefer the Pop Red!
  7. The POP red looks darker and a more true red. If you are looking one closest to the Coquelicot red then I think the gold hardware Nano is what you are looking.
    I have the Coquelicot Nano and saw the Red in the Micro style (with gold hardware) in a dept. store a while back and was able to compare the two. I did not purchase that MICRO only because the color was so close to the Nano. I wanted a darker true red........which would be the Nano above with silver hdw. Unfortunately I do not do silver hardware so am still waiting.......
  8. Thanks for all your advice ladies![emoji173]️
  9. These photos are so helpful! Thank you![emoji173]️
  10. Definitely the pop red
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