Please help Baobei locate this bag...

  1. After much research I decided that this is going to be the one... After this I will, hopefully, stop hunting for more Chanel bag and really take the time to enjoy them. Any info regarding this bag is highly appreciated. The pictue is borrowed from J'adore... I believed it is called medium classic tote (larger size is fine too)... thanks, ladies. :sos:
  2. I just spotted this at Neiman's in MI not too long ago (maybe a week?). The number is 248-643-3300. Ask for Lisa Hamilton or Barbara. They are both very nice. Try not to get the Chanel SA, she's awful (rude).
  3. Yes, call Lisa 248 635 8442 she got me this bag and she's an absolute doll!

  4. i also just saw this at the NM in Newport Beach this weekend.
  5. I know Nordstrom Mall of America has that bag in black lambskin....but I am pretty sure the red is sold out for Nordstrom boutiques.