Please help; bag to bring to Montreal vacation

Jan 3, 2006
Upstate NY; too far from NYC :-(
Okay, I have not been to Montreal since I was 21 (I am not 36). What would be the best bags to bring for a 3 night trip? Something fun like a Balenciaga, a stunning Chloe Dome Paddy, or traditional like my 31 Chamonix (sp) Hermes Bolide? I am willing to bring 2-3 bags. FOR Balenciaga I have an Ink Twiggy, Bordeaux City and Grenat City,Black Day, Black Day w/GSH, EB City.

TIA for your input!! :smile:
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swift convert
Jun 15, 2006
becca, you know i love your bolide, so I will vote for you to bring it. another one that i think you should bring is either the grenat or bordeaux city.

have fun on your trip