Please help; B 25 or K 25? (same combination)


Which should I go for?

  1. Birkin 25 Black Togo GHW

    29 vote(s)
  2. Kelly 25 Black Togo GHW

    29 vote(s)
  1. K25 hands down!
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  2. K25 for sure
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  3. B25 for me!
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  4. +1. I would take the K25 and wait for a B30 . Good luck deciding
  5. If Retourne I take K25.
    Good luck with your decision !!!
  6. K 25 so cute elegant and has strap
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  7. Birkin :heart:333333
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  8. Oh WOW!! You ladies are the best! Thanks so much for all your generous input!
    Indeed I should clarify that the K25 here is a retourne not a sellier, which is perfect for me as I love love togo to bits! I'm less fond of the Epsom leather
    My other K28 is an SO; etoupe togo with rose azalee stiching (again because I'm a big fan of togo, otherwise I would have taken the epsom with Rose Azalee lining as well. To be honest after carrying a picotin, I don't really fancy the practicality of the hand-carry only bags, but the fact that I don't own the B yet (not that my SO has arrived lol) it made me wonder if I should add the B25 to my collection. After learning that the K25 togo retourne is much of a rarer piece I'm leaning towards this option now :smile:

    Indeed this is truly a very difficult dilemma! Thanks so much for your input @yodaling1 You're so right with the 'handfree' I think I'm the type who need that. Picotin is not making me move fast enough. Furthermore as you assure that K25 is rarer to find, I'll def go this one :smile: I hope my SA will be able to offer me the B next round! For my curiosity, the K25 retourne is harder than K25 sellier? TIA :heart:!

    That sounds like the perfect scenario! If my SA can offer me the B25 next time, I'll def take the K25 :smile:!

    I actually do!! but my city rains a lot so I would be too worried about the leather.. I would love to own C someday too, but one dilemma at a time XD

    hmmm that doesn't sound very convenient at all, although I have quite a small shape but if it only goes up to midway :S.. I'm aiming towards some rarer option now :biggrin: thanks again for your reco!

    Thanks so much for your input @cavalla I know that the store would only get 1 of this, this round, where as the B25 in this spec she would get two... so I see that the chance of getting the K25 is much rarer now :smile:! If that's the case, would you still go for K25 :smile:? (it's retourne)

    Would the retourne will still be classic :biggrin:? I'm leaning towards this now because of the rarer chance to find it and the practicality part of it! I'm not a fan of handcarry all the time but as I don't own the B, it's super difficult.. Thanks ver much again :smile:!!

    this is too difficult T T!! shall let you guys know what I'll finally get

    sounds like a good option too! I hope my SA would be able to offer me B next round :smile:

    Leaning towards this now :biggrin:! thanks very much

  9. Reading how you describe the dilemma, if I were you, I would still get the K retourne. K at that size is more versatile than b imo. And I think you'll still get a b down the road, I'm sure your SA will offer you another one some day if you still want one.
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  10. Of course any of them will be classic! Its a classic combo Black with GHW!!!! I can wait to see what you decide! You are very very lucky to be offered both at the same time.
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  11. K25 for sure! Your Etoupe K sounds amazing but more of a day bag, where the K25 can go day to evening (even semi formal, just take off the strap), and is a forever classic, and yes, hard to find. The B25 is cute, but for me hand carry is annoying, and B25 is more of a trendy shape/size - black with GHW is such a classic combination that it will shine on the classic Kelly shape.
  12. FYI it fits fine on the arm.

    I have this bag in this exact combo and I adore it. Perfect for everyday use.
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  13. I have a black K25 and adore it; the size is amazing. You really can't go wrong with either bag. Good luck!
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  14. That is very true! If I have both bag I would choose K25 from day tonight! I think my heart is now 80% K28 and 20% for the B25! Thanks so much for your thoughts @QuelleFromage Hopefully next I'll have a chance to ask what colour for the B25 :smile:! Etoupe/Etain/Black GHW?
    Yay!! which leather is your K25? If that's not too much for a hassle, would you mind sharing us some modelling pics please :heart: would love to see it on the shoulder and handheld :heart: Thanks very much ❤️❤️❤️
  15. will do this evening, once I get home :smile:
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