Please help; B 25 or K 25? (same combination)


Which should I go for?

  1. Birkin 25 Black Togo GHW

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  2. Kelly 25 Black Togo GHW

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  1. hello lovelies!
    My lovely SA has offered me either B25 or K25 in Black Togo GHW, which are my ultimate combination bag! She knows how much I love black with gold! As you could imagine I'm super indecisive as to which one my heart sings more. Might I add that this would also be my first B as well, however thr K25 is so so petit and cute! Also I heard the K25 size is a little harder to find. I'm around 156cm, pretty petit. While speaking of these two bag, as mentioned I own none of B but 1 Kelly 28 Etoupe GHW. Other black bags I do own in Black are Picotin 18 and Lindy 26 GHW. Which do you think I should go for? B 25 or K 25 :smile:? It's super difficult, I wish I could pick both of them

    TIA lovelies xoxo :heart:
  2. The K25 Togo blk ghw is more rare than the B25, but I love the B25 blk more
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  3. Wow. This is a tough choice. I'd say the Birkin. The reason is that the other bags you have are black and super casual. The Kelly you have can be dressed up or down. The Birkin would fit that middle spot where it is a tote (casual) but small (25cm) so can be used at night but for super dressy occasion. So I think it would add another functionality in your bag collection you don't currently have. Then later on, perhaps find a preowned Black Kelly with GHW in Box leather!
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  4. That is a hard decision .. you don't have B.. For me I'll take The B
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  5. K25! Allows you to use handheld or with strap... greater flexibility
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  6. B. No doubt.
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  7. If you dont really care for handsfree then I think B25 might be a great one to have to add to your collection.

    That said I also think K25 togo retourne is rarer than B25.

    Reallt tough choice but only you can decide what will be best for yourself as you cant go wrong with either.

    I wish i have this kind of dilemma. Lol
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  8. depends if you prefer hand held or shoulder bags
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  9. I think get the k25 and then get the b next time? :smile:
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  10. Not sure if u like box leather or not but it s my favourite but somehow I just think it suits K a lot more

    So if I were u, I d get the B now n wait for a BBK 25
    I actually see a BBK 20 from reseller which is yummy!!!

    P.S. Also own K n C in my collection so B is the missing piece that may affect my decision as I prefer K over B in the first place haha
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  11. I say K25. It's more rare and a B25 in Togo would still be pretty heavy, you can only hand carry (it doesn't fit very well on the arm, even midway up the forearm). If that doesn't bother you then get the B25 since you already have a K28. LOL hope that makes sense.
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  12. for practicality i gave up on Ks....
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  13. This is indeed a tough one. Is the K a sellier or retourne? If a sellier, then definitely get K. Both your black bags are quite casual and the BK25 would be your perfect dressy bag but could also be a fun day bag if you put some thoughts to your outfit. I find the K sellier more distinctly different from lindy and picotin than B. At the size 25, B could be dressy too, but not as much as a K sellier. But if it's a retourne, then maybe depending on whether you believe your SA will find you a BBK someday. If yes, I would go for the B25.
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  14. K25 as it is a ultimate classic!!! Black with GHW. You have 2 options to carry.
    Easy to dress up & down.

    B25 more suited with bright / pop colour IMO
    Although B25 so cute, Its still a tote for more relaxed look. I would wait for bigger size for B. Lastly Its even hard to arm carry. Only handheld looks more appropriate.
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  15. I would take the B, k25 is so cute though! I probably would have a hard time deciding! Good luck!
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