Please help authenticate this Tod's Purse!

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  1. Hello! I was hoping someone can help me determine whether this Tod's purse is authentic. I will be posting another one that I bought as well soon... not sure I want to find out, but better to know I suppose. Thanks!
    tods2.JPG tods1.JPG tods3.JPG tods4.JPG
  2. I can not enlarge the bottom two pics but I think the first pic of the inner tags look good. Fakes typically do not have the second leather square label inside. I can not really see the stitching but Tod's is always perfect and tight.
  3. The leather patch was used in the earlier TOD'S bags. This style with the 'T' straps is an older style. Your bag is authentic. Enjoy!
    Good finds Chamyel!:tup:
  4. Yay! Thank you Isabel!! :smile:
  5. Chamyel, congrats!! Way to go.
    LT bag lady, I'm learning so much from your posts. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Tod's bags, which are becoming a real favorite of mine.
  6. Boxermom: Thanks! TOD'S is tied with Lambertson Truex as my #1 fav! I love the styles, the craftmanship and the leathers! I started my TOD'S obession with their driving mocs about 16 yrs ago! DH & I wear TOD'S on our feet almost exclusively!

    I will continue to share what I know about TOD'S as the opportunities arise.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.