Please help authenticate this necklace!!!

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  1. I placed a bid on this necklace and now I have second thought. Can you lady help please?

    Read so many fakes from here, now I am really worried.
  2. There is an authentication thread on TPF. You might try there although I don't believe they authenticate completed auctions.
    Please consider sending your piece to VCA. You can send it to the workshop directly.
    It's worth the peace of mind and the only real way to know for certain.
  3. Thank you so much for your reply texasgirliegirl! I will be able to get the workshop address from my local boutique? The workshop provides the authentication service? Not sure how I should approach my SA for this. He will roll his eyes if I tell him I got this from eBay.

    Do those pictures raise any alarm to you?
  4. No need to involve your SA.
    If you are in the USA you can call VCA and ask for customer service. They'll them that you have an estate piece that you would like to send in.
    It's always a good idea to at least have VCA check the piece for loose stones. They can polish it and re rhodium plate if needed.
    You can pay for a new COA if that's important to you to have.
    VCA will only work on the piece if it's authentic. You don't need to worry about where it came from. They won't ask and it's not really of interest to them anyway.
    If the piece isn't authentic you can request a letter stating that it's fake. This will help you with the process of getting your money back.
    I agree that for pieces like vintage Alhambra the boutique is the best/ safest place to buy VCA. For older ( out of circulation) pieces the secondary market ( which includes eBay) is the only place to find these pieces.
    Good luck.
  5. That's very helpful! Thanks for explaining the process to me. Will definitely send over there to make sure if I complete the purchase. Now seeing the price went down $500, maybe should purchase from the boutique instead...
  6. There really are so many fakes on ebay. I feel nearly 25% pieces are counterfeit. It is so much safer to buy straight from the boutique unless you are certain about its authenticity.

  7. This is what I would do.
    Buy straight from the boutique. You can rest assured that it's authentic and your piece will be recorded in the master system as belonging to you.