Please help authenticate this Mulberry Bayswater!!

  1. Hi,

    All right, so I have became slightly obsessed with the Bayswater (as you might have gathered from my other posts!) and just bought this one *on impulse* on eBay. It hasn't arrived yet, but I am beginning to worry about authenticity (and obvsiously, to regret not consulting everyone here ahead of time). After looking at the leather more closely, I am starting to think it looks a bit odd. Everyone here has been so helpful, so I would love to know what you think about it:


  2. The leather looks a tad off to me, but I can't see enough detail in the interior to make a real judgment call.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Congratulations on your successful bid Alison!

    I have the Picadilly in the exact same colour as this bayswater. Just by looking at the pictures, the leather looks ok actually..well, as mentioned in my earlier post, a good way of authenticating mulberry darwin leather is by smelling it!;) The distinct aroma sets itself apart from the rest! And of course the thick luscious creamy texture of the leather..

    One thing that I find interesting though, is the way the seller presented the bag in the think that one would make the bag as attractive as possible..maybe it's her way to making a statement that this is a real deal and not some poser with fakkies using 'standardised' pictures taken from the net..

    Purely my 2.354 cents' worth..Good luck with the bag and let us know how you feel about it when you receive the bag!
  5. Definitely post how it is when you get it! I had a similar experience when I bought a Tods on eBay (my first eBay purchase actually). I'm still not 100% sure about it, but a couple of people on the site have confirmed it for me, so just post some pics when you get it and you'll have all the advice you could handle!
  6. Thank you, everyone! Mulfreak, that's a great tip about the smell of the real Darwin leather. I really wish I could go and examine a genuine bag in order to have something to compare this with, but unfortuately the only store that used to sell Mulberry here in Toronto no longer does so:sad: