Please help authenticate. Thank you!

  1. You might want to post this in the "Authenticate This Coach" section... :yes:
  2. So sorry! New to this. Posted on wrong page. =P Thank you so much!
  3. Hi fieldsinspring,

    I did and they gave all the same replies. 100% authentic.

    Thanks & regards,
  4. Sorry I probably was confusing.. I mean ask the authenticate this thread before you buy.. that way you aren't stuck with a dud. :tdown: You can get great authentic things on eBay.. but you can also get cheap fake crap that sellers claim is real. Good luck!
  5. Wallets are hard to authenticate on eBay because fakes are so easy when it comes to wallets. Bags are so easy to tell if they are fake but when I want a wallet I have to buy from Coach or an outlet just to be sure.
  6. Alot of us don't authenticate wallets because it is very hard to do so.

    I would go to an outlet or buy from someone who mainly deals in authentic Coach handbags and the like. Remember, Coach limits buyers to 3 items of a sku so if you see someone with alot of similar wallets, hit the back button.