Please help authenticate Mulberry

  1. Selfishly bumping this up... :shame:
  2. The photos really are hard to see. Why don't you see if she is willing to take paypal for the item?

    It looks like she does have a paypal account based on completed auctions.
  3. The first bag, the butterfly fenella looks genuine to me. Bit pricey though, it can be picked up for much less than that (even with the seller adding some profit)!

    The second bag, the tooled bayswater, has been discussed before so I am presuming it didn't sell and has been relisted. Again, looks genuine although the colours are very subjective and could be difficult to sell on if you wanted to do so in the future.
  4. Thanks JazzyJay! I believe it was like US $600 last summer from the Mulberry site.