Please help authenticate goyard bag

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  1. Hi, seems like there's no much response on authenticating Goyard items/bags but please need help! Seller has relisted the item and it's the color that I want!!! Besides there's another one that I'm considering too!! They both looks good to me but I need more opinions and advice here. TIA!

  2. sorry but this looks fake to me. plus, there should be a mini wallet/pouch with it. plus, it doesnt show a blow-up of the chevron. i am also not sure with the lining...hope that helps somehow. we need st. louis tote owners here to help you on this more.

  3. link for the first item looks off. the wallet/pouch is not exactly the same as the original. this itself should stop you from buying it. man, i can't believe there are a lot of fake goyards now...:sad:

  4. by the way, the second link seems to be okay SO FAR. better if you ask for more photos. good luck!

    this is just my honest opinion. but please do check with other guys here who owns a st. louis.
  5. Thank you for your help! I thought maybe it was real since the seller offered a return policy and said it came with original tags. I think it's better off waiting for a real one!
  6. Thanks Yed for your reply. I'm inkling towards the second one too. I'm very very tempted to hit on the BUY button but am trying real hard to hold myself off a while till there's more replies here. Calling TPFers/Goyard Fans here, I need more support...Thanks in Adv!
  7. The BIN is not too far away from the retail price...why don't you just call Goyard in San Fran and have them ship it to you? This way you'll have total piece of mind and you'll know for sure it is the real deal! Plus, you'll have your choice of colors!

    Just noticed you are in Singapore, so maybe you would be better off ordering from the Goyard store in Korea? Check out the goyard website for locations!
  8. Thanks Smallyfry! So I reckon from your reply that the blue one on ebay is indeed genuine...? BtW, I didn't know that Goyard in SF can ship internationally. I've read somewhere in this forum that St. Louis PM sells for $960 so I think I can accept the BIN since Goyard will never be on sale?? There's two outlets at Hong Kong and I think I might try calling them up to see if they can ship to Singapore first.
  9. I hope Singapore can ship to you! What color will you get? There are so many beautiful colors to choose from and with the St Louis, all colors are priced the same. Let us know what you end up with!
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  11. the pics are too small and i am beginning to hate the plastic. can't the seller take it off for the photo? hehehe...anyway, yes, goyard ships worldwide as i asked about that before. they were willing to ship it to the philippines but of course, the possibility of paying taxes upon arrival here are added costs apart from paying the shipping and handling...
  12. Oh, you've reminded me of the custom duties/taxes if I get Goyard to ship over. So I've purchased the one listed off ebay (the blue one) instead and will be getting the bag in a week's time. I do hope I've made the right choice. Oh sorry, I've reduced the pictures too much. They are actually 3mb in size each in jpeg files. Will post up the pics as soon as I receive it. Stay tune!!
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