Please Help- ASOS question!!! verfication?

  1. I ordered something from ASOS the other day and now they sent me an email requesting the following information for verification...Does this sound legit??

    Regrettably, your order has been flagged by our system for additional security checks, and we therefore require further details to verify your identity before we can dispatch your order. The good news is that once you can provide us with this information your account will automatically be cleared for future use.

    We do appreciate that this may be frustrating for you but hope you can understand these precautionary measures are required to protect our customers from potential fraud.

    If you hold a UK Driving License or UK Passport, and your billing address is in mainland UK, please send us by replying to this email:
    • Your Driving License Number or all numbers/letters from the bottom line of the photo page of your Passport (attached are examples of where to find the requested Driving License and Passport information, if you are unsure) and
    • The exact billing address where the card you used is registered to and
    • Confirmation of your Date of Birth
    If you do not hold a UK Driving License or UK Passport, and/or your billing address is outside of mainland UK, we will require the following information by fax or email*:
    • A recent copy (dated within the last 6 months) of the statement for the card used to place your order and
    • A copy of your Driving License or Passport
    *Please either fax the additional information to +44 (0) 1442 835858 or scan the document, saving it as a jpeg or gif file, and send it to us by replying to this e-mail. (Once the security checks are completed the information supplied is destroyed.)

    If we have not received the requested information within 4 days of the time this email was sent, we will unfortunately have no alternative but to cancel your order and any subsequent orders.

    We look forward to receiving the requested information and thank you again for your patience and understanding.

    If you have any further queries please let us know by replying to this email.

    Yours Sincerely,

    ASOS Customer Care

    Seems kind of odd?!!!
  2. I have ordered loads and loads of things from ASOS including Balenciaga, but as I am a UK resident I have never had a trouble. I think it is maybe because it is being shipped out of Europe, I would email them verifying the message if you are worried, they are very quick to respond and very helpful. You'll find lots of tpf-ers shopping on ASOS.
  3. Thanks!! I sent them an email so I'm just waiting to hear back. :sad: I want my stuff!! lol
  4. I had a fake ASOS email last week offering me free beauty products. But then it asked for all your details date of birth etc I forwarded it to ASOS and the confirmed it was a fake!
  5. hI,

    i encountered the same thing too..i scanned and emailed the document they need and everything went on smoothly. hope it helped in assuring you. my sister who made the purchase on the same day did not encounter it i think it is just random
  6. It seems so strange that they ask for all this info! I heard back from someone at ASOS and they said that they needed a copy of my DL ,so I sent it and I'm hoping everything will be okay.
  7. Hi ladies,

    May I get update(s) on your asos order to the US? I am seriously wanting this purse they have but am worried about the customs duties to US, delivery period, and quality of item. Can you please give me a bit of an insight???

    Thank you!
  8. that's so weird... did asos confirm that it was indeed them who sent the letter?
  9. I got the same thing from Shopbop but they did not want all the numbers. They wanted a copy of my driver's license and a copy of the credit card and I could block some numbers out of the card so not to reveal it. I got a confirmation immediately that everything is fine and I do not need to to this on any of my future items. It is just to prevent internet fraud and for your own safety (if it came from the company). A little hassle but at least I know it is a serious company that takes measures against frauds
  10. I've ordered from ASOS several times and never encountered this problem. I hope it wasn't someone using ASOS's name to scam on their customers!